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  • (#15) Cousin Angry That There Is No Hawaiian Sweet Bread

    From /u/squirmdragon:

    I have a... cousin who came after not being invited and then yelled at everyone because no one brought the “special bread” her son likes and now he’s STARVING. Maybe bring your own Hawaiian sweet bread if that’s the only thing your spawn will eat.

    She then boxed up a large portion of the leftovers and left and was unseen until the next unfortunate family function.

  • (#7) Brother Slapped Sister Over Being Mouthy

    From /u/pinkordie:

    My brother got trashed before the dinner started then slapped me at the table for being a mouthy woman (I asked if he wanted the mashed potatoes for reference) and then ran off to puke.

  • (#10) Family Brawls With Each Other Before Getting Hauled In

    From /u/EvilTurtles96:

    An actual family fight broke out. We had to call the cops and everything. My grandpa got a fine, my uncle was arrested. My step grandmothers oldest daughter was arrested. Before my uncle and grandpa passed away, we wouldn’t let them live it down. It was glorious. When I say fight, I mean people on the floor throwing punches. We never went back to my grandpa’s for thanksgiving after that. This was when I was between 8-9.

  • (#1) Cousin's Husband Pulls Gun On Mother And Child

    From /u/Olive_the_Cat:

    My mom told my cousin's husband not to cuss in front of their baby because she'll eventually repeat it. I get it, not her place maybe? Cousin's husband pulls out his gun and threatens to shoot my mom for telling him what to do. He looks exactly like you'd imagine.

  • (#14) Sister Threw Green Bean Casserole On A Painting

    From /u/SexySolemates:

    My oldest sister called another sister "a fat b*tch" over some stupid fight they’ve been having for years, who then in turn picked up the bowl of green bean casserole and threw it at her. She missed (it wasn’t that far, but I guess she was really angry and that messed up her aim), and it ended up hitting my mother's favorite painting. It wasn’t salvageable.

    We all stopped having Thanksgiving with the entire family after that.

  • (#4) Mother Roasts Family After Husband Cheats

    From /u/CodeNameisE:

    I believe the year was 2014? I had just graduated high school and my family was crumbling. My parents were not doing well in their marriage and my mom had me drive separately so that we would have a second car to leave early with if we needed it. (Red Flag #1) Mom did NOT want to go, but she felt that she should be there since all of her kids were going.

    Thanksgiving was not a small gathering. I'm talking 90-130 people that rented out space in a church banquet hall to have this gathering. It was a typical West Virginia gathering. Everyone was drinking and talking about church (I don't mind this, I'm just not religious myself) and Grandma was about to turn 90 the day after Thanksgiving, so everyone was all over her and she LOVES attention.

    Mom and Dad started to argue quietly in the corner about how Grandma was just interjecting herself into everything and you could just see the tension building between my parents. They were constantly making passive aggressive comments to each other and to the family members. It was all the drama in the room.

    My grandma kept asking me if the kids were okay (no, but we we're going to admit that). I told her that we were fine, but she then decided that we needed to extend our stay so that we could go to church on Sunday with her because we obviously needed Jesus. (My family has always been Atheist). She said we were raised poorly and badly behaved because we didn't have church in our lives. (All of my siblings are I were between the ages of 14-18, all have good grades and were polite, etc). I told my mom what she said to me and she blew a freaking lid. (Red Flag #2)

    She went to Dad and told him to tell off Grandma, and he refused and said that she was just trying to help and she thinks Jesus is the answer.


    Dead f*cking silent. The whole room just stopped talking and moving, and that's f*cking terrifying when there's that many freaking people.

    Dad then blew up on mom in front of everyone because she was embarrassing him. Grandma had to sit because she was so stunned. Mom decided to announce to everyone that dad was cheating on her and she was gathering evidence for the divorce. She then decided to point at every single person she hated in the room and describe to them why she hated them. Some examples -

    "Uncle Mike is a f*cking pedophile, and everyone knows it, but nobody does anything about it." (He was known to be a little too friendly with the kids).

    "Karen and Joe are first cousins and they're married. What the f*ck?!" (This was true. They even had the same last name).

    She turned to Grandma and said "You're the most bitter old b*tch of this entire bunch. I can only hope your pathetic a** doesn't make make it to 90." (Her 90th birthday was literally the next day.)

    "Angie is a meth head sl*t bag sh*t excuse for a f*cking mother" (She had been in and out of jail for [substances], but nobody ever mentioned it, and anytime it was brought up, it was quickly silenced. This was my dad's sister.)

    There was more, but once she was done screaming at the family, she opened the door and yelled "I cannot wait to be rid of this f*cking *ncest sh*tty a** WV church bullshit!" She then pointed at several people, said "F*ck You" to many of them individually, and then left the building.

    Needless to say, I went and got my mom and then left with her and my siblings very shortly after that and I haven't seen that side of the family since. Parents are since divorced and my mom is now happily remarried to a wonderful man.

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