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Random People Share Their Worst Thanksgiving Fights

  • (#2) Grandfather's Secrets Accidentally Revealed

    From /u/Northsidebill1:

    I was around 5-6 years old. Us kids were playing hide-n-seek and I hid way in the back of Grandma's closet. While I was hiding back there, I found this beautiful deep red robe, I assumed it belonged to my grandfather who [passed] just after I was born. I tried it on and it was huge on me but the silk felt really smooth and cool, so I decided to go ask my grandma if I could have it to grow into.

    Turns out granddad was a Grand Dragon in the Carolina KKK and it was his ceremonial robe. The family members who didnt know about this already were highly upset, the ones who knew were embarrassed as hell. There was a small riot when I walked into the kitchen wearing it. That was an awkward Thanksgiving.

  • (#6) Mother Wants Everyone To Drink Their Own Urine

    From /u/MyElectricCity:

    My mom dominated the conversation about how everyone should be drinking their pee. For a solid 45 minutes.

    She read in some yoga book about how it cures some infection called "Bali belly" that you get in places like, you guessed it, Bali. But also that it's actually just really helpful for all sorts of sh*t. Went way into detail about how you have to catch it mid-stream of the first pee of the morning, etc.

    By the end she was defending it so thoroughly she said she was going to start tomorrow morning.

    She never did and now denies the conversation lasted more than 5 minutes and that everyone was egging her on.

  • (#14) Sister Threw Green Bean Casserole On A Painting

    From /u/SexySolemates:

    My oldest sister called another sister "a fat b*tch" over some stupid fight they’ve been having for years, who then in turn picked up the bowl of green bean casserole and threw it at her. She missed (it wasn’t that far, but I guess she was really angry and that messed up her aim), and it ended up hitting my mother's favorite painting. It wasn’t salvageable.

    We all stopped having Thanksgiving with the entire family after that.

  • (#13) Aunts Fist Fight In The Yard

    From /u/yelyah66:

    I was 8 and hanging out with an older family friend, she was about 13. For some reason my very drunk and high aunt thought that this family friend was turning me against my cousin (her daughter) and bursts into the house screaming at her about this. Then said aunt got into a fist fight with another aunt in the front yard.

    Yeah, we stopped seeing that side of the family for awhile.

  • (#11) Family Outs Each Other As Users

    From /u/puddingtoes:

    I was only a toddler at the time but thanksgiving is known as the anniversary of the day my mother, father, and uncle outed one another as [smack users]! Life fell apart fairly rapidly the following year and it has been fun ever since. Thanksgiving is now just a small family affair of myself, my brother, and my guardian grandparents.

  • (#10) Family Brawls With Each Other Before Getting Hauled In

    From /u/EvilTurtles96:

    An actual family fight broke out. We had to call the cops and everything. My grandpa got a fine, my uncle was arrested. My step grandmothers oldest daughter was arrested. Before my uncle and grandpa passed away, we wouldn’t let them live it down. It was glorious. When I say fight, I mean people on the floor throwing punches. We never went back to my grandpa’s for thanksgiving after that. This was when I was between 8-9.

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