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  • (#3) Who's Who?

    "My older sister is actually my mother, my father was my mother's (actually grandmother) husband.  

    They don't think I know."

  • (#1) Upholding the Family Name

    "We have [an unsavory character] in the family, one who also [has a bias against females], so he [inappropriately touches] girls with the sole purpose of ruining their lives. He had [harmed] all of my aunts, and [had forced relations] a seven-year-old girl who lived next door, and probably a lot of others that I don't know about. Everyone kept it pretty quiet until his wife filed for divorce because he was cheating on her, and used the molestation cases for her benefit. 

    He has three sons who still don't know what their father is.  

    He isn't in jail because THAT would be bad for the family name, because you know, 'we're all so proper and law abiding.' I keep trying to get my parents or other relatives to take action, but his wife refuses any suggestions of the sort. She also thinks that the other girls were 'asking for it'. It gets me really [angry] that these people are related to me."


  • (#9) Dangerous Uncle, Sneaky Father

    "An uncle I've never met (mom's brother) [took the lives of] my mom's parents when he was sixteen in a fit of rage, and burnt down their home in an attempt to cover it up. I've never met him, as he has been in jail on a life sentence since before I was born.

    I was only informed of his existence because my dad was blackmailing my mom with this."

  • (#7) The Heroic Serial Killer

    "My distant ancestor (great x8 uncle) was a sociopath and a serial killer. His name was Tom Quick and he was an 'Indian Slayer' who [pursued] the Delaware tribe. He claimed to have [terminated] ninety-nine members of the tribe by the time he [passed], including an entire unarmed family with two young boys and an infant, which he beat [...] with a rock.  

    It's weird. These days his monument in Pennsylvania had to be removed due to vandals, but when it was erected in 1889, he was considered a hero and a defender of the civilized settlers."

  • (#6) Foul Play?

    "I just found out that my grandparents wanted more kids, but were having trouble getting pregnant for a second time. They adopted a toddler-aged brother and sister when my mother was was seven. Soon after, my grandmother got pregnant, and the girl [passed] from a very mysterious fall down the stairs. The boy was quietly given to another family. They never, ever spoke of either child from that day forward. I thought my mom was pulling my leg, but a quick search turned up the girl's death record.  

    I was never close to that grandmother and can't help but think back to every weird aspect of that women, and all the strange relationships she had with her family."

  • (#15) The Mummified Lover

    "In 1976 my father was in the military and traveled to Guatemala after an earthquake. During the clean up, he was at the Mayan site of Mixco Viejo. There were several burial sites overturned. For some reason, unknown to me, he brought back the remains of a female Maya Indian. He claimed to have loved her in a past life. These remains are still in the box in our attic. They are mostly dust now with a part of the skull left. My father [passed] in 1986, so I cannot ask him about it. My mother and sisters claimed her ghost followed them where ever they moved until my dad [was gone]. I am skeptical of that claim.

    I also have a half brother in Puerto Rico who is in his 30's I will never meet. I only know his name is Ricky and my dad had a fling with a Puerto Rican woman while stationed there in the army sometime in the 70's."

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