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  • (#7) Oh, Hello

    From user soberhungry:

    "I did my clinical as a CNA in a memory care unit. I helped feed this woman who never really moved, never talked. It was like she was in a coma or something, and I could hardly get any real food in her though I was able to slide in some special ice cream. For days she wouldn't move or have any response.

    I'm feeding her and talking to myself pretty much. After about ten minutes she slowly turns her head and says, 'Oh hello' then she rotates her head back her blank staring position.

    Super creepy!"

  • (#16) A Tap On My Shoulder

    From user beeoakly

    "I work nights in a long-term care facility as a nurse's assistant. I have two men under my care and both of them are unable to use their call lights. They have severe dementia and debilitating Parkinson's disease but still their lights are looped around their bed rail. One night their light came on and I went to answer it already confused and creeped out. I turned it off and left the room. Before I could get two doors up the light came back on. I went in there and both lights were unplugged from the wall and thrown under their beds. I fished them out, plugged them back in and left.

    I've seen shadows standing over the dying and felt a tap on my shoulder while doing chest compressions so I knew that lady had passed."

  • (#5) Bill's Here

    From user Jesspandapants:

    "I'm an RN and while I was a student I was caring for a lady who had end-stage renal failure, had a DNAR (do not attempt resuscitation) and was shutting down. We were having a little chat when she stopped, looked over my shoulder and said 'Bill's here love, I've got to go,' and swiftly stopped breathing. Read her old notes and Bill was her deceased husband."

  • (#19) Don't Let Me Go Back There

    From user JeremyHowell

    "When my mom worked as an E.R. nurse a guy came in from a car accident and was losing blood. In the midst of resuscitation, the man jolts awake and screams 'Don't let me go back there! Please, please, please don't let me go back!' A few seconds later they lost him."

  • (#20) Who Pushed The Button?

    From user rabbitANDme

    "I work in the memory care unit. I'm a CNA. We have a room that's a solo bed at the end of the hall with a woman who cannot move her body. She's pretty far gone memory wise. So when her call light goes off, it's terrifying to go reset it. She can't push it. We blame the cat a lot but several times times it was locked in another room."

  • (#2) A Last Meal

    From a deleted Reddit user:

    "I had an old lady come in by ambulance, near death. She was a DNR (do-not-resuscitate), so we weren't going to do much for her. She didn't have any family that we could find. The hospital was full, so we had to keep her in the ER for the night.

    Again, she was near death. When you've seen enough people die, there's no mistaking it, and she was almost there. Barely responsive; pale, cool, breaths were really irregular, heart rate was up and down, too. We just turned the lights down and kept an eye on her monitor, basically waiting for her to die.

    About an hour later, she's standing at the door of her room. She'd gotten up and put on all her clothes. We were all like, 'WTF?' One of the nurses went to check on her, and she said she was hungry. Not knowing really what to make of things, we got her a chair, a bedside table, and went to the cafeteria and got her a tray of food.

    She sat there, ate all her food, talked with the staff a little. After about an hour, she told her nurse that she was tired and wanted to lie back down. We helped her back into bed, and within 30 minutes she was dead." 

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