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Random Olympians Killed In World War IIreport

  • [Name]: Alfred Kienzle
    [CountryA]:  Germany (GER)
    [Sport(s)]: Water Polo
    [Games]: 1936 Summer Olympics
    [Medals]: Silver
    [Date]: 4 September 1940
    [Place]: Reims, German-occupied France

  • [Name]: Herbert Adamski
    [CountryA]:  Germany (GER)
    [Sport(s)]: Rowing
    [Games]: 1936 Summer Olympics
    [Medals]: Gold
    [Date]: 11 August 1941
    [Place]: Szolty, Soviet Union

  • [Name]: Takeichi Nishi
    [CountryA]:  Japan (JPN)
    [Sport(s)]: Equestrian
    [Games]: 1932 Summer Olympics
    [Medals]: Gold
    [Date]: 22 March 1945
    [Place]: Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, Japanese Empire

  • [Name]: Jadwiga Hładki
    [CountryA]:  Poland (POL)
    [Sport(s)]: Art
    [Games]: 1932 Summer Olympics
    [Date]: August 1944
    [Place]: Warsaw, German-occupied Poland

  • [Name]: Silvano Abbà
    [CountryA]:  Italy (ITA)
    [Sport(s)]: Modern Pentathlon
    [Games]: 1936 Summer Olympics
    [Medals]: Bronze
    [Date]: 24 August 1942
    [Place]: Izbushensky, near Stalingrad, Soviet Union

  • [Name]: Estella Agsteribbe
    [CountryA]:  Netherlands (HOL)
    [Sport(s)]: Gymnastics
    [Games]: 1928 Summer Olympics
    [Medals]: Gold
    [Date]: 17 September 1943
    [Place]: Auschwitz-Birkenau, German-occupied Poland

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About This Tool

The 12th Olympic Games were originally planned to be held in Tokyo in 1940. At this time, the Japanese Army is in China, and actively prepared to launch the Pacific War, the Olympic budget has been fully invested in armaments. The Olympic Games were interrupted once again by the war. The thirteen Olympic Games in London in 1944 were also destroyed by World War II. The random tool compiled a list of 11 athletes who had lost their lives in the war.

Using this generator, we can see the names of the athletes who lost their lives, the countries they were in, the sports they were good at, the Olympics they competed in and the medals they won, as well as the dates of their participation. Unfortunately, their lives were cut short by the brutal war. So, too, will their careers as Olympic athletes, which may have just begun. The Olympics should be about world peace, not an excuse for war.

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