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Random NGC Objects (7001–7840)report

  • [NGC number]: 7797
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Spiral galaxy
    [Constellation]: Pisces
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  23h 58m 58.9s
    [Declination (J2000)]: +03° 38′ 05″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 14.5

  • [NGC number]: 7090
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Galaxy
    [Constellation]: Indus
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  21h 36m 27.7s
    [Declination (J2000)]: −54° 33′ 18″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 10.7

  • [NGC number]: 7073
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Galaxy
    [Constellation]: Capricornus
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  21h 29m 26s
    [Declination (J2000)]: −11° 29′ 19″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 13.7

  • [NGC number]: 7084
    [Other names]: Doesn't exist
    [Object type]: Unknown
    [Constellation]: Pegasus
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  21h 32m 33s
    [Declination (J2000)]: +17° 30′ 30″
    [Apparent magnitude]:

  • [NGC number]: 7531
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Spiral galaxy
    [Constellation]: Grus
    [Right ascension (J2000)]: 23h 14m 48.5s
    [Declination (J2000)]: −43° 35′ 59.8″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 11.3

  • [NGC number]: 7552
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Barred spiral galaxy
    [Constellation]: Grus
    [Right ascension (J2000)]: 23h 16m 10.7s
    [Declination (J2000)]: −42° 35′ 05″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 11.2

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About This Tool

The name “NGC”(New catalog of Nebulae and star clusters) found in the New General Catalogue by Henry Dreyer and Annie Jump Cannon in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Rather than listing stars, as the questioner suggested, the Catalogue Lists non-stellar objects found in astronomical photographic plates (many of which were not known about their nature until years later) . This is an update to the John Frederick William Herschel jazz catalogue, hence the name “NGC” .

NGC is the master catalog of 7,840 Nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters. The random tool generated 305 items and recorded the Nebula names for the 7001-7100 numbers. More specific information, such as the 7001-7004 Nebula, is that both Object types belong to the Galaxy. This information is well worth collecting by astronomy-loving friends.

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