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Random NGC Objects (5001–6000)report

  • [NGC number]: 5102
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Lenticular galaxy
    [Constellation]: Centaurus
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  13h 21m 57.8s
    [Declination (J2000)]: −36° 37′ 47″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 10.4

  • [NGC number]: 5001
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Spiral galaxy
    [Constellation]: Ursa Major
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  13h 09m 33.5s
    [Declination (J2000)]: +53° 29′ 38″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 14.6

  • [NGC number]: 5609
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Spiral galaxy
    [Constellation]: Boötes
    [Right ascension (J2000)]: 14h 23m 48.3s
    [Declination (J2000)]: +34° 50′ 34″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 15.7

  • [NGC number]: 5033
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Spiral galaxy
    [Constellation]: Canes Venatici
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  13h 13m 27.6s
    [Declination (J2000)]: +36° 35′ 37″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 10.9

  • [NGC number]: 5005
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Spiral galaxy
    [Constellation]: Canes Venatici
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  13h 10m 56.3s
    [Declination (J2000)]: +37° 03′ 30″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 10.6

  • [NGC number]: 5470
    [Other names]:
    [Object type]: Spiral galaxy
    [Constellation]: Virgo
    [Right ascension (J2000)]:  14h 05m 31.9s
    [Declination (J2000)]: +06° 01′ 45″
    [Apparent magnitude]: 13.6

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About This Tool

Catalogues of celestial bodies in the Southern Hemisphere have not been fully investigated, but many have been observed by John Frederick William Herschel or James John Boyd Dunlop. NGC has many errors, but the more serious and obvious ones have been eliminated in the subsequent NGC/IC project. The new summary Table (RNGC) is followed by the 1973 edition of Sulentic and Tifft and the 1988 edition of Sinnott’s Ngc2000.0. The revised table of contents and index was compiled in 2009 by Wolfgang Steinicke.

NGC is a well-known catalog of deep-space objects, with 7,840 objects. It was edited by William Herschel, a new edition of the Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars. The random tool generator collates 116 items and records Nebula information sorted from the 5001-6000 numbers. The details, including the Object type, Constellation, Right ascension of each Nebula, are well documented.

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