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  • Gustav Giemsa (G)

  • Karl Fritzsch (F)

  • Alfred Ittner (I)

  • Albert Hoffmann (H)

  • Oskar Gröning, (G)

  • Rudolf Jordan (J)

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Hitler saw race as part of social class. In his mind, the Germanic peoples was the highest race, and the Jews and Gypsies the lowest. Joseph Goebbels, the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda Minister, frequently advocated the idea of “Jewish hostility. ” , “The Jews are spoilers of our pure blood... as socialists, we must oppose the Jews because they abuse the resources of the state, they are the embodiment of capitalism, ” he said

Although the Nazis claimed to be “socialists, ” in fact the Nazis were hostile to communism’s pursuit of absolute equality. The Nazis supported a kind of socialism with a social class, where the class is determined by the intelligence and character of the individual, allowing the individual to own a certain amount of private property. The random tool generated a total of 315 famous Nazism members. (F to K) the Nazism is so ingrained in Germany that it attracts a lot of blind youth following and worshipping.

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