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Random Nazis (A–E)report

  • Otto Bräutigam (B)

  • Rudolf Batz (B)

  • Josef Erber (E)

  • Helmut de Boor (B)

  • Rudolf Bamler (B)

  • Walter Brugmann (B)

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About This Tool

Nazism, which grew out of the Weimar Republic after World War I, was a product of the sharp contradictions between Germany and the rest of the world, so they called it the German Nazi. At that time, Germany was faced with the problems of assuming war responsibility and war compensation, as well as moving out of non-german residential areas.

Most scholars agree that Nazism is a far-right political force. The most obvious reason for this classification is that the Nazis were fanatically advocating the domination of some “higher people” over others and demanding the cleansing of “lower elements”(Jews) in those societies. The random tool generated a total of 306 well known Nazism members. (A-E) there are extremists, and of course, there are good soldiers. This detailed list helps you understand the Nazi people better.

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