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  • Dr. Curt Schmalenbach [de] (S)

  • Dr. Kurt Borm [de], Physician. T4 pseudonym “Dr Storm”. Full name Kurt Walter Werner Borm. Killed or assisted in 6,652 patients deaths and acquitted 6 June 1972. (B)

  • Dr. Theodor Gilbert Morell (M)

  • Dr. Carl Clauberg, Gynecologist. (C)

  • Dr. Helmut Rühl [de] (R)

  • Dr. Hans Heinze, psychiatrist, Germany (H)

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About This Tool

Most Nazi doctors still had ordinary human emotions, were terrified of the evils they saw at Auschwitz, and struggled with their consciences while participating in the culling. Some resisted and applied to leave Auschwitz, but many more struggled, overcame their discomfort and worked until the war was over.

Most Nazi doctors were not fascists, but were socialized to be part of the process. That is to say, ordinary people become evil when they are caught up in the evil machinery of creation. The random tool generator recorded the lives of 125 doctors involved in the Nazism, either actively or under duress, who were supposed to be saving lives, but were instead subjected to brutal experiments.

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