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Random Navajo Nation Chaptersreport

  • [District]: 15
    [Chapter Name]: White Rock
    [Chapter Name(Navajo)]: Tséłgaii
    [Chapter Name(English literal translation)]: "White Rock"
    [Agency]: Crownpoint / Eastern
    [Population(2010 Census)]: 76
    [Land Area(acres)]: 110,000

  • [District]: 19
    [Chapter Name]: Counselor
    [Chapter Name(Navajo)]: Bilagáana Nééz
    [Chapter Name(English literal translation)]:
    [Agency]: Crownpoint / Eastern
    [Population(2010 Census)]: 870
    [Land Area(acres)]: 71,000

  • [District]: 17
    [Chapter Name]: Wide Ruins
    [Chapter Name(Navajo)]: Kinteel
    [Chapter Name(English literal translation)]: "Wide House"
    [Agency]: Fort Defiance
    [Population(2010 Census)]: 1,095
    [Land Area(acres)]: 149,000

  • [District]: 11
    [Chapter Name]: Lukachukai
    [Chapter Name(Navajo)]: Lókʼaʼchʼégai/Lókʼaʼjígai
    [Chapter Name(English literal translation)]: "White Reeds Extending Out"
    [Agency]: Chinle
    [Population(2010 Census)]: 2,154
    [Land Area(acres)]: 97,000

  • [District]: 4
    [Chapter Name]: Blue Gap/Tachee
    [Chapter Name(Navajo)]: Bis Dootłʼizh Ńdeeshgiizh/Táchii’
    [Chapter Name(English literal translation)]: "Blue Clay Gap"/"Red Water"
    [Agency]: Chinle
    [Population(2010 Census)]: 1,178
    [Land Area(acres)]: 116,000

  • [District]: 18
    [Chapter Name]: Crystal
    [Chapter Name(Navajo)]: Tó Niłtsʼílí
    [Chapter Name(English literal translation)]: "Crystal-Clear Water"
    [Agency]: Fort Defiance
    [Population(2010 Census)]: 311
    [Land Area(acres)]: 91,000

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About This Tool

Navajo people is a member of the Southwestern United States, the largest living Native Americans in North America, with an estimated population of about 300,000. The name “Navajo” was given by the Spanish, who called themselves “Diné” .

Navajo people has the largest area of Indian reservation of the United States in the United States today. The tribal government, known as the Navajo Nation, covers an area of 70,000 square kilometers across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Tribal governments have local autonomy, and the capital is in Window Rock, Arizona. The random tool generates 110 chapters, dividing Navajo people into counties based on geographic location. They have less history, so you can look them up in a random tool.

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