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  • Naupactus viridicyaneus Hustache, 1947 c g (Naupactus species)

  • Naupactus prasinus (Hustache, 1947) c g (Naupactus species)

  • Naupactus breviscapus Hustache, 1947 c g (Naupactus species)

  • Naupactus curtus Boheman, 1833 c g (Naupactus species)

  • Naupactus decorus (Fabricius, 1775) c g (Naupactus species)

  • Naupactus subacutus Boheman, 1840 c g (Naupactus species)

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About This Tool

Naupactus belongs to the Class Cephalopod, tetrabranchiate. Naupactus is the only cephalopod species with an outer shell, an ancient and rare species. Its ancestors emerged as early as 400 million years ago, during the Paleozoic Ordovician period, and have flourished in almost every part of the world’s oceans.

After billions of years of evolutionary struggle, most of them are extinct, and Naupactus is the only species that has survived the vicissitudes of life with only four species in the world. The random tool generates 236 items and collects the complete naupactis in various categories, including Pactus Acerbus, Naupactis Lizeri, Naupactis luteipes, Pactus Martinez, etc.

Data sources: i = ITIS, c = Catalogue of Life, g = GBIF, b = Bugguide.net  

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