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Random Native American Women Of The United Statesreport

  • Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone activist (D)

  • Jaune Quick-To-See Smith (born 1940), Flathead nation artist (Q)

  • Lucy Thompson (1856–1932), Yurok writer (T)

  • Sophia Alice Callahan (1868-1894) Muscogee novelist and teacher (C)

  • Wanagapeth (Miami tribe, died 1908), daughter of Chief Michikinikwa (W)

  • Vera Chino, Acoma Pueblo potter (C)

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About This Tool

In Aboriginal Communities, it is difficult to bring a perpetrator to justice because tribal lands are dual jurisdictions. Some areas belong to one state and are therefore protected by the laws of that state and that county and by the local police. Others are on state land and are under the jurisdiction of tribal law enforcement, the Bureau of Indian affairs, and the FBI.

The position of the Native Americans is itself inferior, and the position of women in particular is even less comparable to that of men. The random tool then generated a list of 284 aboriginal women, all of whom are heroes fighting fate for the good of future generations. They are actors, writers, artists, educators and so on, but work together for the future.

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