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    [Name]: Makalawena Marsh
    [Image]: Black-necked Stilt.jpg
    [Date]: June 1972
    [Location]: North Kona
    [County]: Hawaiʻi
    [Ownership]: State Park
    [Description]: Located in Kekaha Kai State Park, site supports endangered birds such as the Hawaiian stilt.

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    [Name]: North Shore Cliffs
    [Image]: KalaupapaVillageCliffs.jpg
    [Date]: December 1972
    [Location]: Molokaʻ
    [County]: Maui
    [Ownership]: State & private lands
    [Description]: Contains steep, eroded volcanic cliffs.

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    [Name]: Diamond Head
    [Image]: Diamond-Head-Hawaii-Nov-2001.jpg
    [Location]: Honolulu
    [County]: Oahu
    [Ownership]: State Monument
    [Description]: Towering exposed basaltic cinder code, located within the middle of Honolulu's urban core.

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    [Name]: Kanaha Pond
    [Image]: Kanaha Pond.jpg
    [Date]: June 1971
    [Location]: Kahului
    [County]: Maui
    [Ownership]: State Wildlife Sanctuary
    [Description]: A brackish water bird refuge.

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    [Name]: I'ao Valley
    [Image]: Iao Needle.jpg
    [Location]: Wailuku
    [County]: Maui
    [Ownership]: State Monument
    [Description]: Eroded volcanic pinnacles covered in vegetation and surrounded by a lush rain forest.

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    [Name]: Koʻolau Range Pali
    [Image]: Nuuanu Pali.jpg
    [County]: Oahu
    [Ownership]: State & private land
    [Description]: Faulted, eroded mountain range is the remnant of a shield volcano.

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About This Tool

Hawaii, the only archipelagic state in the United States, consists of 132 islands in the central Pacific Ocean. The capital is Honolulu on Oahu Island. The earliest inhabitants were the Polynesians, and European and Asian immigrants arrived after 1778. 1795 of Hawaii. Annexed by the United States in 1898. To the United States in 1900. It became the 50th state in the United States in 1959. Today, most of the residents are European, White Americans, and Japanese, followed by mixed-race, Filipinos and Chinese.

Hawaii is full of natural and man-made beauty. To This Day, Polynesia continues to influence local architecture and landmarks. The random tool generates 7 Hawaiian national natural landmarks, creating a melting pot of immigrants from the United States and Asia that gives Hawaii its unique look. As a tourist, you will surely see the subtleties of this cultural mix on all of Hawaii’s islands.

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