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  • Cerro Bolívar. Ruta de la campaña libertadora. Resolución 041 31-vii-1990 (propone)

    (Paipa) (Boyacá)

  • Estación del ferrocarril Golondrinas

    (Villavieja) (Huila)

  • Estación del ferrocarril La Salada

    (La Mesa) (Cundinamarca)

  • Estación del ferrocarril Cristalina

    (Puerto Berrío) (Antioquia)

  • Parque Arqueológico de Tierradentro. Sierras de la cordillera Central que llegan hasta el valle de San Agustín. Decreto 774 del 26-iv-1993 (declara). Inscrito en la lista de patrimonio mundial

    (Inzá (Páez)) (Cauca)

  • House where Luis López de Mesa was born, located on the principal plaza of Bolívar and Páez streets

    (Don Matías) (Antioquia)

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The Colombian National Museum is a collection of historical, artistic and cultural artifacts from Colombia’s National Museum, which was converted from a prison to a museum in downtown Bogotá, it’s the largest and oldest museum in Colombia. The Colombian National Museum is affiliated with the Colombian Ministry of Culture.

The archaeological and ethnographic heritage of Colombia is rich in samples dating back to more than 10,000 BC and extending into the twentieth century to the art and culture of indigenous and afro-Colombian peoples. The random tool generator compiled a list of 878 Colombian historical objects, including names and categories. If you want more specific information, random tools can help you a lot.

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