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Random Murder Novels From Her Wrotreport

  • Three Strikes and You're Dead (2006) (Spin-off novels)

  • Lover's Revenge (Fictional novels)

  • Skating on Thin Ice (2011) (Spin-off novels)

  • Murder in Season (2020) (Spin-off novels)

  • Trick or Treachery (2000) (Spin-off novels)

  • Murder in a Minor Key (2001) (Spin-off novels)

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About This Tool

Jessyca Beatriz Fletcher is the lead and character of the award-winning Angela Lansbury actress in the US TV series Murder, She Wrote. Fletcher Fletcher is a best-selling author of mystery novels, an English teacher, amateur detective, professor of criminology and congresswoman.

Many of her fiction, especially murder mysteries, are popular with the public. The random tool generator compiles about 101 entries, mainly for a Dead Dachshund, at The Murder Ridge Top, Murder in White, Stone Cold Dead on Wall Street, The Corpse That Wasn’t There, etc. For those who are interested in this genre of fiction, be sure to check out the list at random.

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