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  • Happy Gilmore on Random Movie 'Heroes' Who Were Actually Villains The Whole Time

    (#12) Happy Gilmore

    • Film (1996)

    Sure, we're rooting for Happy (Adam Sandler) because the likable loser is just trying to save his grandmother's house from the mean ol' bank. Who doesn't love an underdog? And who doesn't just totally despite that smug Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)?

    Because of Happy's loyalty to his sweet grandma, it's easy to dismiss the fact that the guy is a total maniac. Of course, it's played for laughs, but if we're being honest, his anger issues are totally out of control. On at least a few occasions, he probably should have been escorted off the golf course. What kind of dude picks a fight with Bob Barker? He also takes out his mentor, is a total creep to his original girlfriend, and (in the above scene) gets with an older lady only to never talk to her again. 

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off on Random Movie 'Heroes' Who Were Actually Villains The Whole Time

    (#5) Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    • Film (1986)

    Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) is a hero to every kid in his school. He dupes his parents and principal in order to cut class and proceeds to have the best day ever. We cheer on Ferris as he bests Principal Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) and convinces Cameron (Alan Ruck) to take a joy ride in his father's rare 1961 Ferrari GT California, a car that Cameron admits his dad loves more than him.

    As adults, we can see that Ferris is nothing more than an extremely manipulative teenager. For as much as the movie paints Principal Rooney as this awful villain, he really is just a regular guy trying desperately to do his job against incredible odds. The fact is, Ferris bullies his "best friend" into taking out his dad's most prized possession, even though he will almost certainly get in trouble. That's just selfish and narrow-minded. 

  • Beauty and the Beast on Random Movie 'Heroes' Who Were Actually Villains The Whole Time

    (#8) Beauty and the Beast

    • Film (1991)

    Beauty and the Beast is a tale of true love, despite all odds. How romantic... until we remember what a monster the Beast was before he met Belle. The Beast takes Belle into his castle only to attempt to break the spell that made him a hideous creature.

    Then, he's straight-up abusive to Belle while she remains stuck there (he denies her food in the beginning and breaks a lot stuff around her). In the end, they do fall in love, but Belle could easily just be suffering from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. 

  • Tony Stark In 'Iron Man' on Random Movie 'Heroes' Who Were Actually Villains The Whole Time

    (#14) Tony Stark In 'Iron Man'

    Between the three standalone Iron Man films, Captain America: Civil War, and the superhero's appearance in the The Avengers movies; no comic book character turned blockbuster franchise is as bankable as Marvel's Iron Man. However, if we go way back to the first Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man in 2008, one could make a claim that the philanthropist turned vigilante hero can be perceived as villainous.

    When we first meet Downey's Tony Stark in 2008, he is a selfish and extremely rich; he gets himself into hot water with a group of really bad guys. He witnesses the mass destruction that his creations cause and opts to close this department in Stark Industries. The rub is that the U.S. military receives most of their arms resources from Stark, everything from armor to tanks. When Stark stops his supply, the U.S. defense is greatly compromised. His short-sightedness, ego, and singular thought put the country in extreme danger.

  • Mrs. Doubtfire In 'Mrs. Doubtfire' on Random Movie 'Heroes' Who Were Actually Villains The Whole Time

    (#9) Mrs. Doubtfire In 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

    Mrs. Doubtfire, a classic 1990s family comedy, or a dark film about a deranged man? We root for Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams), a down-on-his-luck divorced dad denied custody of his kids because of his past reckless behavior, to reunite with his family. However, upon closer examination, perhaps it's better that Daniel just stay away?

    First off, Daniel is all but checked out and dealing with a substance abuse issue. He had it all: a great voice-over job, three wonderful kids, and a lovely wife named Miranda (Sally Field). When he loses everything, he dresses as Mrs. Doubtfire and gets hired as his kids' nanny to trick his family into loving him again.

    Jealous Daniel aims to selfishly sabotage his wife's relationship with Stu (Pierce Brosnan). His most sinister act in the film, which also happens to be extremely illegal, occurs when Stu and Miranda are dining at a fancy restaurant. Daniel knows that Stu is allergic to pepper, so he pours cayenne pepper all over his competitor's shrimp dinner. The over-seasoning causes Stu to suffer a reaction that almost takes him out. Daniel ultimately saves Stu because he feels guilty, but who wouldn't after doing something like that?

  • The Amazing Spider-Man on Random Movie 'Heroes' Who Were Actually Villains The Whole Time

    (#11) The Amazing Spider-Man

    • Film (2012)

    Andrew Garfield takes over Toby Maguire's mantle in this 2012 movie, and we immediately see Spider-Man get super arrogant. One of the best parts of the Spider-Man films is the difference between the geeky, awkward Peter Parker and his witty, charming superhero alter ego Spider-Man. In the Garfield films, Peter Parker is just cool from the beginning, and we don't get any of the much needed Parker/Spider-Man juxtaposition. 

    However, what shoves Garfield's Spidey towards actual villain-hood is his blatant disrespect for an expiring man's wishes. When Captain Stacy (Denis Leary) is taking his last breaths, he tells Spider-Man to leave his daughter Gwen (Emma Stone) alone. He explains that Spider-Man is going to make enemies, and it's going to get dangerous for the people that he is close with.

    Parker agrees to Stacy's wishes, but then (shockingly), he can't help himself and starts to see Gwen again. This selfish decision ultimately led to Gwen's demise in the next installment of franchise. Peter Parker caused this to happen. But for real this time. 

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