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  • The Big O on Random Most WTF Anime Endings

    (#13) The Big O

    • Mitsuru Miyamoto, Steve Blum, Akiko Yajima

    The Big O follows "Negotiator" Bruce Wayne Roger Smith, who is regularly called to action in his Batmobile Big O mech — a leftover weapon from a forgotten era — to protect Paradigm City from emerging threats. The domed city appears to be the last human stronghold left on Earth, for reasons that are shrouded in mystery.

    The ending — though an interesting one — kind of wraps the "it was all a dream" and "Groundhog Day" tropes up into one frustrating revelation: Paradigm City is a simulated reality that the Big O can reset by melding with another mech, Big Venus. Once this happens, the show rewinds back to the first episode.

  • (#3) Clannad

    • Yûichi Nakamura, Mai Nakahara, David Matranga

    If you love to empty tissue boxes in one sitting then you should definitely binge Clannad. On the other hand, if you enjoy endings that make logical sense then maybe this is one to avoid. 

    Clannad centers on a young man named Tomoya whose life goes from bad to worse. First, the love of his life dies right after she gives birth to their daughter. Then, after years of depression-fuelled neglect, the daughter dies too.

    The collective tragedy compels Tomoya to inexplicably travel back in time to when his wife was still alive. Or maybe he just slips permanently into a trauma-induced dream. Or maybe he wakes up in the real world at the end to discover the whole thing was a nasty dream? We'll never really know for sure.

  • (#5) Berserk

    • Nobutoshi Canna, Unshô Ishizuka, Marc Diraison

    The legendarily gruesome shonen series Beserk follows the medieval warriors Griffith and Guts on their bloody quest for kingly status. Though there's plenty of political commentary to ground the action, the fantasy elements really crank up to 11 at the end, delivering a truly twisted finale.

    After Guts rescues Griffith from wasting away in a torture dungeon, Griffith's necklace suddenly becomes a horrifying, screaming face, turns the world into a living nightmare, and offers Griffith the chance to become the ruler of Hell. After slaughtering all of his friends to secure the deal (and engaging in an absolutely sickening rape scene) Griffith takes the job, and the series abruptly ends with Guts walking off towards his next adventure.

  • Akira on Random Most WTF Anime Endings

    (#7) Akira

    Based on Katsuhiro Otomo's groundbreaking manga of the same name, the plot and imagery in Akira is absolutely bonkers, and the ending doesn't leave viewers with any easily decipherable answers.

    After Tetsuo — teen motorbike hooligan living in Neo Tokyo in 2019 — is infected by the byproduct of a covert military experiment, his body and mind become monstrous, and he is instilled with godlike powers.

    The resulting saga ends with a bang (a Big Bang, in fact). The closing shot of the film sends the audience rushing through a psychedelic tunnel that — though this is not immediately obvious — is actually the start of a whole new universe. Woah.    

  • Magikano on Random Most WTF Anime Endings

    (#8) Magikano

    This seinen series follows a young witch named Ayumi, who is cursed to lose her powers, and Haruo, the only person who can save her from this fate. Ayumi's mission is to try to awaken Haruo's magical potential, but first she has to get around his three super-protective sisters, who also happen to secretly be witches.

    In the final episode, Haruo's potential is dramatically revealed to be linked to the evil and powerful Demon King. However, this actually doesn't matter, because the entire world is stuck in a never-ending Groundhog Day loop with no evidence to suggest that each new reoccurrence will be any different from the last. So, the whole show was pointless then? 

  • Happy Lesson on Random Most WTF Anime Endings

    (#11) Happy Lesson

    • Nana Mizuki, Kikuko Inoue, Daisuke Kishio, Mie Sonozaki, Kimiko Koyama, Larissa Wolcott, Tamaki Nakanishi, Josh Meyer, Ruri Asano, Kahoru Sasajima, Lana Lesley, Leigh Anderson Fisher, Shawn Sides, Shaneye Ferrell, Carla Witt

    Happy Lesson is a harem anime with one notable distinction. While most examples of the harem genre feature an awkward male character surrounded by potential love interests, Happy Lesson subverts the trope by making its cluster of women the "mothers" to lonely teen boy Chitose.

    Then, in the final moments of the last episode, the show totally drops this subversion. The five mothers decide that Chitose doesn't need maternal love anymore. No, he needs wifely love. In the most Oedipal twist imaginable, all five of Chitose's "mothers" marry him on the spot, which probably causes him lasting psychological damage.

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