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  • (#15) Bowling Ball Attack

    "A few years ago I was at a bowling center on a busy day. When we were about to leave we heard a big bang.  

    "A man had thrown the heaviest bowling ball on a woman's head. Later I read that he did it on purpose and the women had severe brain damage. And was lucky to be alive. The man got sentenced to 18 months in prison, had to undergo psychological evaluation and had to pay $7,500 in reimbursements."

  • (#1) Creepster Goes After Kid in a Mall

    "I was 10 or maybe 12 years old. My mom took me to the mall so she could go to the Target. There was a baseball card/comic book store right next to the Target, and while she shopped I got to go look at the collectibles. While I was looking at the cards in the case, a guy came in. He looked around for a minute, then approached me and asked if I liked baseball cards. I said that I did, and he said he had a Babe Ruth card in his van and asked if I would like to see it. We were right at the counter and the clerk was right there, but I got a real creepy vibe from this guy. I said no and left the store to go back to Target and find my mom. I looked behind me as I walked into Target, and sure enough, he was following me. I was starting to get a little scared, so I turned into the women's underwear aisle, thinking he wouldn't follow me. He kept after me until I finally found my mom. I never told her about it because I didn't want to scare her. At the time I thought maybe he wanted to steal my $10, but now I'm pretty sure he wanted more than $10."
  • (#7) Kid Witnesses Cop Killing

    "In the second grade, around 7-8 years old, circa 1992 in Queens. My babysitter picked me up from a church. I went to a catholic elementary school and was practicing to make my communion that Sunday. We were walking down the sidewalk when I saw a man breakdancing on the street, and I thought cool... But at the same moment, my babysitter was pushing me against a metal fence alongside the sidewalk.  

    "I didn't hear anything but what I was witnessing was an NYPD officer being shot multiple times by two criminals who had stolen a womans purse several blocks away. The officer was shot over five times, one criminal was shot in the head and died on the spot, and the other criminal got away, but was caught nearby. Fucking hectic. I believe my mother saved the newspaper the next day, and I remember watching the story on the news that night."

  • (#14) Attempted Assault at a Con

    "A guy tried to drag me to his room when I was sick and confused at a con. Pulled me right through the lobby.

    "The only reason I didn't end up in his room is because I couldn't think of how to get away, so I just sat right down in the middle of the lobby and he couldn't pick me back up again. No one helped.

    "My friends came back from pulling the car around and found me sitting there. Thankfully they helped me into the car and that was that."

  • (#6) Unprompted Swiss Army Knife Stabbing

    "An addict wanted money from me down town, but I literally had nothing but my clothes on me. So I said sorry man, all out.  

    "Dude lumbers towards me slowly, pushes me over, and stab me in the thigh with a Swiss Army knife.  

    "I booked it to the hospital for stitches. Didn't hurt until I actually looked at it. Adrenaline didn't stop pumping for a very long time.  

    "A lot of are people asking, 'Why didn't you run if he was lumbering towards you?' 

    "Well, I was 13, he was a full grown adult, I had a bad haircut, he pulled a knife on me, I froze in fear."

  • (#12) Exchange Student Robbed Multiple Times by Same Man

    "In Rio, I was robbed at gun point on a crowded street in broad daylight. The guy just put the gun to my back and walked with me and said, 'Give me your money or your life.' My heart hasn't ever beat faster..

    "I gave up my money without a fuss. Beforehand, you may think you'll do something different, but when you are there in the moment, you don't have time to think through each scenario. Is your life worth risking 10 bucks over? Nah. 
    "I was robbed again by the same guys 2 more times with a knife and then a gun again. On the third time I just yelled, kinda pissed, threw the money on the ground, and kept walking. They didn't get my cell phone at least. Told the cops and they did nothing each time."

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