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  • Thomas Middleditch on Random Most Surprising Celebrity Cameos On 'Rick And Morty'

    (#14) Thomas Middleditch

    • 36

    Character: Tommy Lipnip
    Episode: "The ABC’s of Beth"

    Trapped in Froopyland for decades with nothing but cute fuzzy creatures to eat and mate with can drive any man insane, but King Tommy made the best of it. Voiced by Silicon Valley’s Middleditch, Tommy grew up in Beth’s imaginary play land, surviving off the inhabitants in the grossest way possible.

  • John Oliver on Random Most Surprising Celebrity Cameos On 'Rick And Morty'

    (#18) John Oliver

    • 41

    Character: Dr. Xenon Bloom
    Episode: "Anatomy Park"

    The host of Last Week Tonight played Dr. Bloom, an amoeba who helps Rick Sanchez create Anatomy Park, an amusement park located within the body of a homeless man named Ruben. He sacrifices his life to save Morty and Annie, a park worker and the object of Morty's affection. 

  • Taika Waititi on Random Most Surprising Celebrity Cameos On 'Rick And Morty'

    (#4) Taika Waititi

    • 43

    Character: Glootie
    Episode: "The Old Man and the Seat"
    The Thor: Ragnarok director lends his vocal talents to the adorable intern who is just dying to develop his app. After Jerry falls prey to his app-developing schemes, Glootie releases LoveFinderrz on an unsuspecting Earth. The dating app is actually a tool meant to distract humans from defending their planet.

  • Logic on Random Most Surprising Celebrity Cameos On 'Rick And Morty'

    (#17) Logic

    • 29

    Character: Himself
    Episode: "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender"

    Logic appears as a himself as he performs at a party drunk Rick throws together. The Rick and Morty fan performs a song about janitor Noob Noob.

  • Liam Cunningham on Random Most Surprising Celebrity Cameos On 'Rick And Morty'

    (#3) Liam Cunningham

    • 54

    Character: Balthromaw the Dragon
    Episode: "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty"

    The Game of Thrones Onion Knight voices the dragon Balthromaw, a majestic creature with a few truly disturbing fetishes. He is given to Morty as a gift from Rick, but after a few adventures, the teen sidekick decides it is best to part ways with the flying firebreather. And take a shower. 

  • Matthew Broderick on Random Most Surprising Celebrity Cameos On 'Rick And Morty'

    (#1) Matthew Broderick

    • 56

    Character: Talking Cat
    Episode: "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty

    One of the more mysterious cameos, Broderick plays a talking cat that convinces Jerry to go to Florida, where he promptly ditches Morty’s dad in exchange for popularity. Rick grows suspicious of the chatty feline and performs a mind probe, discovering that the furball has a dark, possibly sinister past.

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The great cast of Rick and Morty is one of the reasons for this popularity. There is full of experienced voice actors, as well as skilled comedians and writers. This adult animated science fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon has taken the world by storm, it attracts A-level actors and celebrities to be cameos, and we can even recognize some famous voices.

Rick and Morty can hide sincere philosophy and ideas in some real humorous fart jokes, maybe this is why so many adults love to watch it. The random tool introduced 19 of the most incredible celebrities who are cameos on Rick And Morty.

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