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Random Most Popular Jobs for Political Science Majors

  • (#5) Government Program Manager

    Median Salary: $91,600
  • (#3) General Project Manager

    Median Salary: $80,500
  • (#16) Operations Manager

    Median Salary: $72,500
  • (#14) Non-Profit Organization Program Manager

    Median Salary: $49,200
  • (#8) Inside Sales Representative

    Median Salary: $50,600
  • (#20) Retail Store Manager

    Median Salary: $49,800

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About This Tool

Many people who choose to major in political science are because of their passion and obsession with government work. Although people often think that a political science degree is the goal of the political arena, and political science graduates will definitely become mayors, governors, senators, or members of the House of Representatives, the reality is not always the case. A political science degree can have a variety of job options and become the backbone of a more specific career, including work in law, education, and so on.

Patience, the ability of communication and organization, and enthusiasm are the most important characteristics of outstanding political science graduates. The random tool lists 20 of the most popular jobs for political science majors.

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