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  • (#11) The Gary Coleman Show

    • Gary Coleman, Jennifer Darling, Julie McWhirter
    As Arnold Jackson on DIff'rent Strokes, the diminutive Gary Coleman was one of television's most promising young child stars, so it came as no surprise when he received his very own cartoon show. What was surprising, however, was the show's absurd, high-concept premise: Coleman voices an apprentice angel who can only earn his angel wings by helping others.
  • (#12) Rubik, the Amazing Cube

    • Michael Bell, Ron Palillo, Michael Saucedo
    Now an iconic piece of pop culture history, no puzzle toy is more famous than the Rubik's Cube. This six-sided wonder created by Hungarian sculptor and architect Ernõ Rubik took the '80s by storm, fascinating toy lovers and mathematicians alike. In 1983, Warner Bros. Television took it one step too far: they granted the inanimate plaything its very own animated series. With a theme song performed by Puerto Rican boy band Menudo, Rubik was no longer a mere cube but an adorably personified thing of nightmares.
  • (#4) ALF: The Animated Series

    • Len Carlson, Rob Cowan, Don Francks
    Cat-eating sitcom puppet Gordon Shumway (or as he's known here on Earth, ALF) received his own cartoon show in 1987. ALF: The Animated Series served as a prequel to the sitcom ALF, showing what life was like for ol' Gordo on his home planet of Melmac. The cartoon received its own line of comic books, a spinoff of its own (ALF Tales, where characters from the animated show would re-enact famous fairy tales), and landed ALF a sweet role in the now cult-classic PSA, Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.
  • (#14) Rude dog and the Dweebs

    • Frank Welker, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, David Alan Coulier, Peter Cullen, Ellen Gerstell
    If you were alive in the mid-'80s (or the early '90s), you almost definitely had a t-shirt with the colorful Rude Dog plastered on it. Nobody can truly explain the mania surrounding short-sleeve tees featuring the stylized, skateboarding bull terrier, but somehow the fashion trend spun off into its own Saturday morning cartoon show, Rude Dog and the Dweebs. For 13 episodes in 1989, the punkish pooch and his crew of misfits (the eponymous Dweebs) rode around in a pink Cadillac, avoiding the dog catcher and getting into mischief.
  • (#9) Saturday Supercade

    • Frank Welker, Tress MacNeille, Nancy Cartwright, Soupy Sales, Kenneth Mars, Peter Cullen, Robert Ridgely, B. J. Ward, Pat Fraley, David Mendenhall, Dick Beals, Peter Renaday, Arthur Burghardt, Marvin Kaplan, Sparky Marcus, Bart Braverman, Judy Strangis, Nichelle North
    A veritable bukkake of '80s arcade characters (including Donkey Kong, Mario, Frogger, Pitfall Harry, and Q*Bert), Saturday Supercade had no qualms about brainwashing kids into unloading their piggy banks into any arcade machine they could. And on top of it all, Donkey Kong Jr. is simply a ripoff of Scrappy Doo. Can it get any lower?
  • (#6) It's Punky Brewster

    • Soleil Moon Frye, Frank Welker, George Gaynes, Russi Taylor, Neil Ross, Ed Gilbert, R. J. Williams, Cherie Johnson, Terry McGovern, Ami Foster, Casey Ellison
    Following the trend of giving popular sitcom stars/characters their own cartoon shows, It's Punky Brewster follows the adventures of the mischievous but well-meaning orphan Punky Brewster… and her magical leprechaun gopher best friend, Glomer.

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People always talk about the cartoons that they have watched before, and we laugh at a certain funny plot, and we are also sad because of some tragedies in the TV show. Some classic 80s cartoons have long become fond memories that accompany us when we grow up and can always evoke nostalgia. In the 1980s, various cultural forms developed rapidly, and many good works were active on the small screen.

The random tool lists 15 of the most dated cartoons of the 1980s that were gems in the 80s, a number of teenagers can not avoid being hooked on these TV shows at that time.

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