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  • Thumb of Galaxy High School video

    (#13) Galaxy High School

    • Susan Blu, Pat Carroll, Nancy Cartwright
    Is there a more archaic stereotype than the smartest kid in school being totally uncool? If the robotic voice in the opening theme didn't tip you off, Galaxy High School and its absurd premise are pure, undiluted '80s schlock.
  • Thumb of Denver, the Last Dinosaur video

    (#10) Denver, the Last Dinosaur

    • Pat Fraley, Joey Dedio
    In the world of '80s cartoons, the best way to identify the "cool" character was if they played guitar, rode a skateboard, and wore a sweet pair of shades. Naturally, Denver does all those things (and a whole lot more). The show's opening has everything you could possibly want in an '80s theme song - neon colors, extreme stunts, lava pits, and lots and lots of prehistoric reptiles roaring to the heavens.
  • Thumb of Pac-Man video

    (#3) Pac-Man

    • Marty Ingels, Barry Gordon, Barbara Minkus
    The biggest arcade hero of all wasn't relegated to Saturday Supercade's parade of nonsense but was instead awarded a show all his own. Pac-Man the animated series follows our spherical, yellow hero and his family in the world of Pac-Land. Together, Pac-Man, his wife Pepper (a.k.a. Ms. Pac-Man), their child Pac-Baby, and their equally round dog and cat traveled the land trying to protect their food source Power Pellets from their enemies, the Ghosts (Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, and Sue).
  • Thumb of Beverly Hills Teens video

    (#15) Beverly Hills Teens

    • Terri Hawkes, Tracey Moore, Hadley Kay, Jonathan Potts, Linda Sorenson, Karen Bernstein, Sean Roberge, Mary Long, Corrine Koslo, Mark Saunders
    Aiming to be "wholesome role models for kids," Beverly Hills Teens was a more character-driven cartoon show, chock full of '80s hairdos, bright colors, early computer technology, and "high fashion" outfits. Needless to say, the rich kids of Beverly Hills Teens would never survive outside 1980s Rodeo Drive.
  • Thumb of The Wuzzles video

    (#7) The Wuzzles

    • Henry Gibson, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille, Jo Anne Worley, Stan Freberg, Alan Oppenheimer, Bill Scott, Brian Cummings
    Ninety-five percent of cartoons from the '80s were based on toy lines or made with the sole purpose of selling toys, and at least half of those were based on stuffed animals. Care Bears, Shirt Tales, The Get Along Gang, Popples, GloWorms. The list goes on. The Wuzzles truly epitomizes this trend as well as the absurdity of '80s cartoons in general, mashing together two random animals to make one abomination that Noah would've never allowed on his ark.
  • Thumb of Rude dog and the Dweebs video

    (#14) Rude dog and the Dweebs

    • Frank Welker, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, David Alan Coulier, Peter Cullen, Ellen Gerstell
    If you were alive in the mid-'80s (or the early '90s), you almost definitely had a t-shirt with the colorful Rude Dog plastered on it. Nobody can truly explain the mania surrounding short-sleeve tees featuring the stylized, skateboarding bull terrier, but somehow the fashion trend spun off into its own Saturday morning cartoon show, Rude Dog and the Dweebs. For 13 episodes in 1989, the punkish pooch and his crew of misfits (the eponymous Dweebs) rode around in a pink Cadillac, avoiding the dog catcher and getting into mischief.

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People always talk about the cartoons that they have watched before, and we laugh at a certain funny plot, and we are also sad because of some tragedies in the TV show. Some classic 80s cartoons have long become fond memories that accompany us when we grow up and can always evoke nostalgia. In the 1980s, various cultural forms developed rapidly, and many good works were active on the small screen.

The random tool lists 15 of the most dated cartoons of the 1980s that were gems in the 80s, a number of teenagers can not avoid being hooked on these TV shows at that time.

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