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  • The Getaway Driver on Random Most Horrifying Rideshare Stories

    (#22) The Getaway Driver

    Passengers looking to get home quickly will never complain about their slow drivers after a story like this. Ryan Simonetti claims his Uber driver took him and two colleagues on a "high speed chase" in Washington, D.C. Simonetti driver began to get nervous after he noticed that taxi inspector was following the car.

    At one point, the driver told his passengers, "I'm sorry, we're going to have to run this red light." He proceeded to drive well above the speed limit, dodging other cars and refusing to slow down. After 8-10 minutes, Simonetti and his friends were released from the car, but their driver fled into Virginia.


  • The Kidnapper on Random Most Horrifying Rideshare Stories

    (#14) The Kidnapper

    After a club bouncer called an Uber for an intoxicated 26-year-old woman in LA, the lady woke up in a hotel hours later, and she wasn't alone. Next to her was her Uber driver, Frederick Dencer – shirtless. The driver was later charged with kidnapping.

  • The Stalker on Random Most Horrifying Rideshare Stories

    (#9) The Stalker

    So many rideshare horror stories involve unwanted sexual advances. After taking a Lyft, one woman was repeatedly texted by her driver, asking her to hang out. Although she politely declined, this did not stop his persistence. 

  • (#3) The Belligerent Bro

    Not all ridesharing horror stories involve nefarious drivers. Sometimes, it the passengers themselves who cause the problems. Such was the case in Costa Mesa, California in October of 2015, when one wasted, backwards hat-wearing dude assaulted his Uber driver after being asked to get out of the cab.

    Uber driver Edward Caban caught the whole violent ordeal on his dashboard cam. He told police that the passenger, 32-year-old Benjamin Golden, was so drunk that he couldn't give accurate directions home and was acting aggressively toward Caban. The driver eventually pulled over in a parking lot and demanded that the drunk idiot get out of his car. But Golden refused, springing on Caban, punching him, pulling his hair, and trying to slam his head into the window. Caban managed to get out his pepper spray and let Golden have it.

    Golden, a brand manager for Taco Bell, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge and fired from his job after video of the assault went viral. He was also banned from ever using Uber again. Caban says he will no longer drive for the ridesharing company either, since he's had too many run-ins with belligerent, obnoxious, and apparently dangerous bros like Golden.
  • The Strangler on Random Most Horrifying Rideshare Stories

    (#5) The Strangler

    In September of 2013, Bridgett Todd was choked by her Uber driver. The incident was an apparent racist attack on the woman, though Uber's CEO was outraged that they could be to blame for it.

  • The New Year's Eve Surprise on Random Most Horrifying Rideshare Stories

    (#2) The New Year's Eve Surprise

    On New Year's Eve 2015, Edmonton, Alberta resident Matthew Lindsay and four friends were leaving a wedding in Mill Woods. They opted for an Uber ride (fact: Uber is currently illegal in Edmonton). Sure, they were notified that surge pricing was in effect, at least for the first stop they made (not the subsequent two), but didn't think it would be THIS bad. The damage? $1,114.75.

    After discussion with Uber, which claims they inform all users of all surge pricing via push notifications, the company and Lindsay agreed to a partial refund - Uber offered him $500.


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We must admit that ridesharing can reduce travel costs. It is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation method because it reduces greenhouse effects, eases traffic jams, and reduces the demand for parking spaces. However, with the popularity of ridesharing, many potential dangers have also been exposed. Not every strange ridesharing is a smooth and convenient experience in daily life.

Have you often order ridesharing when you go out? Some people would share their true stories on the Internet, these are horrifying experiences, some people even died due to accidents. Our random tool collected 22 of the scary ridesharing stories here.

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