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  • Tom Morello's Arm The Homeless Guitar on Random Most Famous Guitars Of All Time

    (#14) Tom Morello's Arm The Homeless Guitar

    Tom Morello's Arm the Homeless guitar might look relatively standard aside from the custom paint job, but it's secretly a custom-built instrument. Morello recalled the story of how he got the guitar in an interview, explaining it all started in the mid-'80s, before Rage Against the Machine got together.

    "I went to this place in Hollywood that builds guitars. I'm no luthier, I didn't know anything about woods and what have you - you go to this place, check off all these boxes, and they build it for you. They made me the sh*ttiest guitar in the world, but it's what would ultimately become Arm The Homeless," he said. 

  • Keith Richards' 'Micawber' Telecaster on Random Most Famous Guitars Of All Time

    (#13) Keith Richards' 'Micawber' Telecaster

    Originally a fairly standard 1950s Fender Telecaster Keith Richards received from Eric Clapton as a birthday gift, Richards ended up putting a humbucker pickup in it in 1972 and the "Micawber" was born. It's one of the most famous guitars in Richards' collection, and it can be heard on such Rolling Stones songs as "Brown Sugar" and "Honky Tonk Woman," to name a few.

    As Telecasters go, it's unique due to the various modifications made to it over the years. Since its introduction into the Stones's sound, it's maybe the closest associated with the band due to its signature bite and the way it combines with Richards' singular playing style.

  • Pete Townshend's SG on Random Most Famous Guitars Of All Time

    (#18) Pete Townshend's SG

    The Who's Pete Townshend used numerous guitars over the years, but one of his most sought after tones comes from the combination of a Gibson SG and a Hiwatt amp - he used it on the Live At Leeds album. The live album is one of the band's most popular releases and remains a landmark in terms of the guitar tone. Townshend's SG, which he was using heavily during that period of time, went on to become attached to him as a live player and undoubtedly contributed to an increase in sales for the already-iconic guitar. 

  • Jimmy Page's Double Neck on Random Most Famous Guitars Of All Time

    (#4) Jimmy Page's Double Neck

    From Jimmy Page's Les Paul to his Danelectro to his Yardbirds-era Fender Telecasters, the Led Zeppelin rocker has put many instruments on the map. There might not be a more Page-esque guitar, however, than the Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck. That's because it's the "Stairway to Heaven" guitar - the one he played live on the band's most cherished song. Every performance of "Stairway," as well as several other songs in their catalog, was played on the dual six and 12-string guitar. It was ultimtely reissued as a signature Page model. 

  • Gene Simmon's Axe Bass on Random Most Famous Guitars Of All Time

    (#10) Gene Simmon's Axe Bass

    Gene Simmons's Axe bass is unlike any other instrument you've ever seen. It's a bass shaped and designed to look like an axe. It's become just as much a part of the legend and myth of Simmons as the man himself. Simmons even reproduces the bass and sells it on his website, where - in true Simmons fashion - you can also buy other merch items and pay to meet him in person. 

  • Jack White's Airline on Random Most Famous Guitars Of All Time

    (#20) Jack White's Airline

    Jack White uses lots of different guitars - often seemingly changing them by the day to suit his mood. For a time though, he was known primarily for using the Montgomery Ward Airline model, a fiberglass guitar that's extremely cheap and became an integral part of The White Stripes's sound. The guitar's popularity soared along with The Stripes and Eastwood Guitars later started reproducing them with slightly different specs. 

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