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Random Most Annoying Laughs In Anime History

  • Thumb of Brook video

    (#15) Brook

    • One Piece (JP), One Piece Film: Strong World, One Piece Film: Z, Miss Valentine

    Sounds like: Yohohohohoho! 

    Sorry to inundate you with One Piece, but this show is truly exceptional when it comes to cringe-worthy laughs. Brook's laugh actually does sound sufficiently like a pirate, but the fact that he doesn't start talking about bottles of rum afterward makes the laugh less appalling. Also, how does he even laugh at all? He doesn't have lungs. 

  • Thumb of Livebearer - Toriko video

    (#9) Livebearer - Toriko

    Sounds like: Beh... heee heeee heeee. Ohohoho.

    The first terrible thing about Livebearer's laugh is having to look at the underside of his tongue - that thing looks like a plant that grows in the depths of hell. The second terrible thing is the ringlets of drool cascading out of his mouth as he snickers to himself about eating people's memories. Basically, this nasty casino owner is like a Pokémon who knows Dream Eater, but way less cute, and with a way worse laugh.

  • Thumb of Beatrice - Umineko: When They Cry video

    (#8) Beatrice - Umineko: When They Cry

    Sounds like: REHEHEHEHEHE! Nyehehehe.

    There are plenty of maniacal laughs in the When They Cry universe, but the one that really qualifies as annoying belongs to Beatrice of Umineko. She's a sadistic, manipulative witch who loves hurting people, but she looks like a refined lady. Her laugh is appropriate for neither - instead, it's a discordant cackle that changes in pitch every millisecond. It sounds, as Ronove says, inelegant.

  • Thumb of Akira Midousuji - Yowamushi Pedal video

    (#6) Akira Midousuji - Yowamushi Pedal

    Sounds like: Pfffft! Gross!

    Akira Midousuji's laugh might sound like a criminal mastermind and/or someone who has been smoking something he found under the couch, but he's actually a high school freshman who uses bizarre body language to manipulate people's emotions so that they're less likely to defeat him in a bike race. His laugh isn't just annoying - it's actually kind of freaky. 

  • Thumb of Caesar Clown - One Piece video

    (#3) Caesar Clown - One Piece

    Sounds like: SHOLOLOLOLOLO

    Ever wanted to watch what looks like a Homestuck character wearing an ugly bathrobe twirl around the room trilling the most irritating laugh in the world as he talks about his evil plans? If you've seen One Piece, then too late, you already have. Caesar Clown is a mad scientist who takes pride in the harm he causes to others via his experiments and inventions, so it makes sense that he has an equally mad laugh to match.

  • Thumb of Cell video

    (#7) Cell

    • Dragon Ball Z

    Sounds like: Ehehehehehahahahaha.

    Most specifically, this is semi-perfect Cell, one of the villains' various forms. His laughter is not only completely tuneless and grating, but his head looks like a squish toy for dogs while he's doing it. Come on DBZ, isn't Cell freaky enough already without this laugh?

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