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  • [Hero\Member]: Platinum Man
    [First appearance]: ''Metal Men Vol 1 #32 (July, 1968)
    [Description]: Created by Will Magnus. He was created along with the Metal Women' as the Metal Men wished that they had girlfriends, just like Tin had Nameless; while Platinum (Tina)' wished for a boyfriend to take her mind and feelings off of Doc Magnus at the same time. As soon as he and the Metal Women are activated' they're more independently minded than the Metal Men had hoped for. They certainly don't want to be slavishly devoted to their counterparts; and Platinum Man proves he's more in love with himself than he is with Tina. He quickly turned into a bad guy and ended up working with the Missile Men' holding Nameless hostage; but was quickly defeated.

  • [Hero\Member]: Strontium
    [First appearance]: Metal Men Vol 3 #2 (November 2007)
    [Description]: Part of The Death Metal Men, Strontium was Mercury turned during a time travel incident by Will Magnus's evil brother David Magnus using a device called the "Kamarak" to turn the Metal Men evil to stop a terrible future coming true where the Metal Men cause a worldwide catastrophe. Luckily, they were changed back to normal when Doc Magnus used a device called "Particularium" to restore them to their original forms.

  • [Hero\Member]: Plutonium
    [First appearance]: Metal Men Vol 1 #2 (July, 1963)
    [Description]: Plutonium was a member of the villainous Robots of Terror created by an evil robot duplicate of Doc Magnus called Doc Robot. The evil Metal Men were defeated by Platinum and subsequently destroyed.

  • [Hero\Member]: Sodium
    [First appearance]: Metal Men Vol 1 #2 (July, 1963)
    [Description]: Sodium was a member of the villainous Robots of Terror created by an evil robot duplicate of Doc Magnus called Doc Robot. The evil Metal Men were defeated by Platinum and subsequently destroyed.

  • [Hero\Member]: Nameless
    [First appearance]: Metal Men #13 (May, 1965)
    [Description]: Nameless is a robot created by Tin of the Metal Men to act as his girlfriend. Having no name she officially took "Nameless" as her own. At first rejected by the other Metal Men she officially joined the team after helping them on a mission. After several adventures, Nameless asked Doc Magnus to rebuild her into something beautiful. But something went wrong and Nameless was burned out and was left deactivated. Years later, Batman and the Metal Men found her as a prisoner of Platinum Man. They freed her, and Nameless and Tin were married. However, a Missile Man working with Platinum Man, attacked them right after the wedding ceremony was over. Nameless sacrificed herself to save her friends and was destroyed in an explosion. Both Tin and the Platinum Man were left with their robot hearts broken.

  • [Hero\Member]: Doc Robot
    [First appearance]: Metal Men Vol 1 #2 (July, 1963)
    [Description]: Doc Robot is a robotic duplicate of Doc Magnus created by Platinum. Platinum created him when she was fed up of being rejected by the Doc, and built herself a more attentive duplicate. But something short-circuited in the process, and the robot Doc, naturally an inventor also, decided to make its own set of Metal Men and attack humanity. The "Robots of Terror" consisted of Aluminum, Barium, Calcium, Plutonium, Sodium, and Zirconium. The real Doc Magnus and the Metal Men battled one of the robots each and are mutually destroyed each other.Platinum takes the Doc Robot and Plutonium robots to the Moon, where Plutonium is detonated.

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Metal Men, DC comics’ Superhero team, debuted in Showcase, volume 1, issue 37(April 1962) , co-created by Robert Kennair, Roth Andrew and Mike Esposito. Kyle Finn has the ultimate combat machine, a metal suit with super-human powers, and he uses it to defend the good and fight eville. That’ evil’ comes in the form of Reed, his Ninja Henchmen and the Mecha Terror robot: Has the Metal Man finally met his match?

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