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  • Korben Dallas & Leeloo In 'The Fifth Element' on Random Memorable Fictional Romances Between Humans And Aliens

    (#2) Korben Dallas & Leeloo In 'The Fifth Element'

    A former member of the special forces, cab driver Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) finds himself in a bind when he must rescue not only a humanoid elemental but the Earth itself. Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), created from living cells taken from Monshadowan cells, is a true innocent, albeit one with incredible powers. Like most aliens, Leeloo must learn how to live on Earth, speak on Earth, eat, sleep, and sometimes play; her guilelessness is adorable and endearing.

    The two fall in love as Dallas saves the spirited redhead from impending doom many times over. 

  • Aeryn Sun & John Crichton On 'Farscape' on Random Memorable Fictional Romances Between Humans And Aliens

    (#3) Aeryn Sun & John Crichton On 'Farscape'

    Farscape brings viewers a rare treat with the love between Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) and John Crichton (Ben Browder). The two met after John crashes Aeryn's ship, ruining her mission. After a few episodes, their chemistry is off the charts, as is the intensity of their high-speed chase away from evil.

    The two find they have a lot to learn from each other: Aeryn's background has trained her to be emotionless and logical, while John is full of strange Earth energy - which is to say, he's just kinda hyper. 

  • Starman & Jenny In 'Starman' on Random Memorable Fictional Romances Between Humans And Aliens

    (#9) Starman & Jenny In 'Starman'

    Probably one of the most heartfelt love stories between an alien and a human, John Carpenter's Starman shows characters grappling with loss and learning through age and wisdom. Starman (Jeff Bridges), a guilelessly genuine extraterrestrial soul, meets and falls for Jenny Hayden (Karen Allen), an infertile widow. The two embark on an adventure across America together, pursued by those implacable government agents who always seem to want to spoil an innocent alien's fun.

    In the end, Starman manages to leave Jenny with the one thing she always wanted but could never have - a child. He also happened to embody her deceased husband while doing it. 

  • Robin & Brian On 'V: The Miniseries' on Random Memorable Fictional Romances Between Humans And Aliens

    (#14) Robin & Brian On 'V: The Miniseries'

    The interspecies romance between naive human teen Robin Maxwell (Blair Tefkin) and duplicitous alien officer Brian (Peter Nelson) shows that good things can have bad beginnings.

    The romance begins innocently enough - Robin develops a thing for the dashing young 'Visitor' officer, unaware that underneath his human-seeming guise he's actually a green lizard. Brought aboard the Visitor mothership, Robin makes love to Brian, only to learn afterward that the incident was orchestrated by Brian's superiors in order to test the viability of a hybrid offspring. Brian is soon captured by the human Resistance and made a prisoner. Now pregnant and enraged at how she was used, Robin flings an experimental 'red dust' in Brian's face; it quickly ends his life, demonstrating its potential against the invaders.

    But Robin's child by Brian, Elizabeth, becomes the superhuman 'Starchild' who helps to avert Earth's destruction and open up the possibility of peace between the two species.

  • Spock & Uhura In 'Star Trek' (2009) on Random Memorable Fictional Romances Between Humans And Aliens

    (#8) Spock & Uhura In 'Star Trek' (2009)

    The original 1960s Star Trek famously gave us the first televised interracial kiss - between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura, although they were forced into it by the telekinetic powers of a group of malevolent Greek-toga-wearing aliens. Rebooting the series in 2009, J.J. Abrams and his writers upped the ante with the romance between Vulcan Spock (Zachary Quinto) and human Uhura (Zoe Saldana).

    The two meet at Starfleet Academy, where Spock is one of Uhura's instructors. The romance is, for the most part, hidden from the audience; we mainly discover it by small hints and random acts of flirtation - showing the romance is serious enough to hide from coworkers (i.e., the crew of the Enterprise). Many of the hardships the couple endures are your run-of-the mill "don't perish in a volcano, don't perish on a planet about to blow up" variety.

  • Dick & Mary On '3rd Rock From the Sun' on Random Memorable Fictional Romances Between Humans And Aliens

    (#7) Dick & Mary On '3rd Rock From the Sun'

    Love and hate drove this alien and human relationship so wild that only an SNL-worthy cast could fill the roles. 3rd Rock From The Sun has Dick, the alien (John Lithgow), and Mary, the human (Jane Curtin), meet at work, forced to share a small office space. For Dick, it's love at first sight; for Mary, the complete opposite. The two spend most of the series in an on-again-off-again relationship until finally they become engaged. Although they had all of America, and maybe even the solar system, rooting for them, the couple's romance was given a sadly Men In Black-esque ending, with Dick, forced to return to his homeworld, erasing Mary's memory of him.

    Better to have loved and lost, we say. If this science fiction couple's relationship seemed strong, it may have been partly from the phenomenal casting. 

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There has always been speculation about extraterrestrials, but today humans can not actually detect the existence of extraterrestrials, although many people have long claimed to have witnessed extraterrestrials visiting the earth and even made contact with themselves, but most scholars and experts believe that the so-called varying degrees of contact between humans and extraterrestrials are actually psychological effects, and that the chances of humans finding “extraterrestrials” are slim, even if they exist, it’s almost impossible to make any contact with them.

Humans have long fantasized about alien forms and behaviors, and have written many fictional stories about human interactions with aliens. The random tool generated 16 items, recording 16 of the most popular human alien tales on the market. Some are friendship, some are love, and some have produced blood out of the affection, which are very interesting.

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