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  • Thumb of The Oblongs video

    (#4) The Oblongs

    • Will Ferrell, Pamela Adlon, Jean Smart

    The animated black comedy featured Will Ferrell as the voice of the limbless Bob Oblong, the patriarch of a family of freaks. Despite the show's witty yet gross humor, The Oblongs was canceled after its first season on The WB. Luckily, fans got to see the series in its entirety on Adult Swim.

  • Thumb of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron video

    (#8) SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

    • Barry Gordon, Charles Adler, Gary Owens

    This action cartoon got lost in the shuffle during the '90s, and aired in syndication on TBS. SWAT Kats saw vigilante pilots T-Bone and Razor fight evil and monsters with their highly weaponized jet. The show was reportedly pushed under the rug after Ted Turner, owner of TBS, expressed displeasure at the level of violence featured in the cartoon.

  • Thumb of Duckman video

    (#9) Duckman

    • Jason Alexander, Gregg Berger, Nancy Travis

    Duckman was an adult-aiming cartoon that has been largely overlooked. The struggle of high-strung Duckman (voiced by Jason Alexander) to balance his life as a private detective and a family man provided hours of entertaining, surreal animation. It's a series that hasn't been given its proper due until recently - IGN named it one of the top 100 animated series of all time.

  • Thumb of Mission Hill video

    (#10) Mission Hill

    • Brian Posehn, Nick Jameson, Wallace Langham

    The brainchild of longtime Simpsons producers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, Mission Hill provided colorful characters and humorous social commentary. However, the show's initial run on The WB was stopped after only two episodes aired. The show in its entirety didn't air until years later on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block.

  • Thumb of Earthworm Jim video

    (#11) Earthworm Jim

    • Dan Castellaneta, Jeff Bennett, Jim Cummings

    Based off the video game character of the same name, Earthworm Jim followed the hero and his sidekick, Peter Puppy, on various space adventures and missions. The show's oddball humor and creativity entertained fans of the video game and quirky cartoons alike. Sadly, it only lasted two seasons.

  • Thumb of The Tick video

    (#3) The Tick

    • Mark Hamill, Micky Dolenz, Brad Garrett, Rob Paulsen, Kay Lenz, Jeff Doucette, Jess Harnell, Cam Clarke, Townsend Coleman

    This parody of superheroes and their day-to-day lives was cult favorite on Fox Kids. The nigh-invulnerable Tick's goofy crime fighting adventures made fans scream out "SPOON!" in victory. After the cartoon was canceled, it would inspire not one, but two attempts at a live action version.

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Many people think that animations are for children, but in fact, there are many masterpieces specially made for adults and some interesting animated TV shows suitable for people of all ages and bring people laughter. Cartoons are one of the most precious childhood memories, such as the world-famous Tom and Jerry, the Lion King, etc. However, some masterpiece cartoons have not received the attention they deserve. 

These underrated cartoon shows also have loyal fans for many years, but they are brilliant and deserve more appreciation and praise from the public. Here the random tool collected 14 masterpiece cartoons that should get recognition. 

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