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  • The Runaways Need To Help Ms. Marvel Start The Young Avengers on Random Marvel TV Characters That Would Fit Perfectly Into The MCU's Future Plans

    (#14) The Runaways Need To Help Ms. Marvel Start The Young Avengers

    Where They're From: Runaways (2017-2019)

    Who They Are: The Runaways are a team of young people brought together by the fact that their parents all happened to be part of the same intersectional squad of supervillains, the Pride. With a wide variety of powersets and origin stories, they form an unlikely family through countless heart-rending adventures - though they’ve since moved to the background of the modern Marvel Comics.

    Where They'd Fit Into The MCU: All indications are that Ms. Marvel is going to lead the charge when it comes to a new generation of heroes in the MCU, and that probably means she’ll form a team of Young Avengers or Champions at some point in the future. When she does, she’ll need teammates - and there’s already a bunch of them waiting for her in Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, and the rest of the Runaways. Really, the Runaways and the Young Avengers have always been the cream of the crop of junior Marvel teams - so why not mash them together?

  • Daredevil on Random Marvel TV Characters That Would Fit Perfectly Into The MCU's Future Plans

    (#1) Daredevil

    • Daredevil vs. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Marvel Universe

    Where He's From: Daredevil (2015-2018), The Defenders (2017)

    Who He Is: The Man Without Fear, Matthew Murdock, is one of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics history - and perhaps the most important to not yet appear in the MCU. Despite being blinded as a child in the same accident that gave him his powers, Murdock manages to live a double-life as a lawyer by day and a radar-sense-possessing martial arts vigilante by night.  

    Where He'd Fit Into The MCU: There are already plenty of superheroes in the MCU, but thus far, none of them have much courtroom experience, and that’s exactly the sort of team-up that Spider-Man needs in the near future. Framed for a violent act and unmasked to the world in Far From Home, Peter Parker will be looking for help clearing his name in the next Spidey sequel - and who better than Daredevil to provide it? 

  • Bullseye on Random Marvel TV Characters That Would Fit Perfectly Into The MCU's Future Plans

    (#7) Bullseye

    • Elektra (The Hand & The Devil), Daredevil, Marvel Universe

    Where He's From: Daredevil (2015-2018)

    Who He Is: The version of Bullseye that appears on Netflix’s Daredevil is vastly different from the one existing in the pages of Marvel Comics - the two characters don’t even share the same real name. What they do share, however, is a proficiency for uncanny accuracy with quite literally any object, including all manner of weapons, and a psychopathic disregard for anyone other than themselves.

    Where He'd Fit Into The MCU: The Bullseye-versus-Hawkeye rivalry is an obvious one, and it has some serious Marvel Comics precedence - Bullseye once even went by the name of “Hawkeye” for a while as a member of the Dark Avengers. They’re both good at hitting things with other things, and they’ve both got “eye” in their names. It would be an outright shame if the two of them never got the chance to take shots at one another in live action - and the upcoming Hawkeye series could be the last opportunity for a good long while. 

  • Jessica Jones on Random Marvel TV Characters That Would Fit Perfectly Into The MCU's Future Plans

    (#11) Jessica Jones

    • Marvel Universe

    Where She's From: Jessica Jones (2015-2019), The Defenders (2017)

    Who She Is: Jessica Jones spends her time as a private investigator digging into the lives of others for profit, which is a tad ironic given how much of a mess her own is. In the comics, Jones is the wife of Luke Cage and a family-oriented character these days - but on Netflix she was anything but settled down. That version of the character was still very much in the “ill-defined superpowers and ill-advised habits” segment of her life.

    Where She'd Fit Into The MCU: Nearly three decades have passed since the beginning of Captain Marvel and the end of Avengers: Endgame, and that means that most of Carol Danvers’s friends, like Maria Rambeau, will have become elderly while she remains ageless. In other words, Danvers could use a new bestie, and both comic book history and potential chemistry suggest it should be Jessica Jones. Not only are the two close in the pages of Marvel Comics, but they also seem like two people who would really get along - what with their similar feelings on guff and the prospect of taking any of it.

  • Iron Fist on Random Marvel TV Characters That Would Fit Perfectly Into The MCU's Future Plans

    (#5) Iron Fist

    • Marvel Universe

    Where He's From: Iron Fist (2017-2018), The Defenders (2017), Luke Cage (2016-2018)

    Who He Is: Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of K’un-Lun, sworn enemy of the Hand. Though his title as the top martial artist in the world of Marvel is contentious, he’s definitely the one who packs the most powerful punch - though that still only rates him as the least popular Defender.

    Where He'd Fit Into The MCU: Iron Fist might need more mortal combat-friendly surroundings in order to really thrive as a character, and there’s only one future MCU project that can provide it - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. One aspect of that film’s purported plot will be some sort of superpowered martial arts tournament - and that’s got Danny Rand’s name written all over it. And if he and Shang-Chi face off in said tournament? All the better.  

  • Daisy Johnson on Random Marvel TV Characters That Would Fit Perfectly Into The MCU's Future Plans

    (#13) Daisy Johnson

    • Marvel Universe

    Where She's From: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013-present)

    Who She Is: Daisy Johnson started her journey as an amateur hacker hired on by Phil Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. Slowly but surely, she discovers that she’s the daughter of a supervillain and an immortal Inhuman, and that she, herself, is one of the most powerful superhumans on the planet. Quake’s vibrational abilities are so strong that they’re capable of destroying worlds - which is exactly what she did in one future-flung storyline.

    Where She'd Fit Into The MCU: Many media outlets are touting Shang-Chi as the first Asian character in the MCU, but that’s only if you don’t count Quake - who’s lasted seven seasons over at Marvel Television. But that’s far from the only reason she could make an appearance in The Legend of the Ten Rings. On top of her prodigious power, Daisy Johnson has become a premier martial artist, much like Shang-Chi, and she’s been in some of the best fight scenes in Marvel history already.

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