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Random Majority Leaders Of The Michigan Senatereport

  • [Senator]: Dan DeGrow
    [Party]: R
    [Hometown]: Port Huron
    [District]: 27
    [Session years]: 1999-2002

  • [Senator]: Emil Lockwood
    [Party]: R
    [Hometown]: St. Louis
    [District]: 30
    [Session years]: 1967-1970

  • [Senator]: Raymond D. Dzendzel
    [Party]: D
    [Hometown]: Detroit
    [District]: 7
    [Session years]: 1965-1966

  • [Senator]: John Engler
    [Party]: R
    [Hometown]: Mt. Pleasant
    [District]: 35
    [Session years]: 1984-1990

  • [Senator]: Richard Posthumus
    [Party]: R
    [Hometown]: Alto
    [District]: 31
    [Session years]: 1991-1998

  • [Senator]: Mike Shirkey
    [Party]: R
    [Hometown]: Jackson
    [District]: 16
    [Session years]: 2019-

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The Senate Armed Services Committee is a Senate Committee entrusted with oversight of national military legislation. It is responsible for the Defense Department, Military Research and development, nuclear energy (as part of national security) , and the welfare of military personnel, selection of military service and other matters relating to defence policy. In 1946, after the victory of the United States in the Second World War, the Senate Armed Services Committee was created under the Legislative Reorganization Act. It incorporated the General Board of the United States Navy (created in the 1816) and the Military Affairs Commission (created and 1816) . As one of the Senate’s most powerful committees, its broad remit allowed it to make the most sweeping and revolutionary laws of the Cold War, including the National Security Act of 1947. As a result, the commission is powerful.

The random tool generated 16 items that recorded the list of Michigan Senate leaders, including Frank D. Beadle, Stanley G. Thayer, Emil Lockwood, Milton Zaagman, Dan DeGrow, etc. 

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