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  • [Site]: Baisikou Twin Pagodas拜寺口双塔
    [Date]: Western Xia
    [Location]: Helan County
    [Image]: 拜寺口双塔.jpgUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 38°40′52″N 105°57′48″E / 38.681111°N 105.963333°E / 38.681111; 105.963333 (Baisikou Twin Pagodas)
    [Designation]: 3-154

  • [Site]: Qiying Beizui Cheng Site七营北嘴城址
    [Date]: Song to Ming
    [Location]: Haiyuan County
    [Image]: Upload file
    [Coordinates]: 36°33′57″N 106°12′22″E / 36.565706°N 106.206007°E / 36.565706; 106.206007 (Qiying Beizui Cheng Site)
    [Designation]: 7-0488

  • [Site]: Great Wall of Qin长城 秦长城遗址
    [Date]: Warring States
    [Location]: Pengyang County, Xiji County, Yuanzhou District, Guyuan
    [Image]: Upload file
    [Designation]: 5-442(2)

  • [Site]: Shengwei Cheng Site省嵬城址
    [Date]: Song
    [Location]: Shizuishan
    [Image]: Upload file
    [Designation]: 7-0487

  • [Site]: Kaicheng Site开城遗址
    [Date]: Yuan
    [Location]: Yuanzhou District, Guyuan
    [Image]: Upload file
    [Designation]: 5-128

  • [Site]: Liuzhou Cheng Site柳州城址
    [Date]: Song to Ming
    [Location]: Haiyuan County
    [Image]: Upload file
    [Coordinates]: 36°32′28″N 105°36′52″E / 36.541062°N 105.614323°E / 36.541062; 105.614323 (Liuzhou Cheng Site)
    [Designation]: 7-0489

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Ningxia is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization. The ruins and relics of human activity in the Upper Paleolithic in Lingwu, Ningxia, suggest that humans thrived here as early as 30,000 years ago. After Qin Shi Huang Unified China, he stationed troops in Ningxia and built the world famous Great Wall of Qin and the famous Qin Canal, creating the history of irrigation by the Yellow River. By the Han Dynasty (206-220 BC) , the agricultural economy was flourishing here. The Tang Dynasty Tianbao 14 years (755 years) broke out the “An Lushan Rebellion” , Prince Li Heng Into Ningxia, in Lingwu ascended the throne, that is, Emperor Suzong of Tang. At that time, Ningxia has become China’s east-west transport and trade one of the important channels.

The random tool generated 35 entries and recorded a list of the main national historical and cultural sites in Ningxia. These cultural sites are recorded in history as One of the few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time it is mentioned, including Haibao Pagoda, Xumishan Grottoes, Xumishan Grottoes, One Hundred and Eight Stupas.

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