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  • [Character]: Fi
    [Portrayed by]: TBA
    [Remarks]: Student Council President Phun's friend

  • [Character]: Mick
    [Portrayed by]: Thitipat Pookboonsherd
    [Remarks]: Friday College Student Noh and Ohm junior Arm's tutee Ohm's love interest and later boyfriend Arm's love interest James love rival

  • [Character]: Aek
    [Portrayed by]: Rabbit Gameplay
    [Remarks]: Had a sexual relationship with Aim Phun's love rival

  • [Character]: Ohm
    [Portrayed by]: Chupawit Dejyanakorn (Season 1) Napian Permsombat (Season 2)
    [Remarks]: Friday College Student Vice president of Music Club Noh's best friend Loves to tease the Friday Angels Mick's love interest and later boyfriend Teaches Mick on horns James love interest Arm's love rival

  • [Character]: Aim
    [Portrayed by]: Chindavanich Primrose
    [Remarks]: Convent Student Phun's ex girlfriend Noh's love rival Friends with Mo, Yuri, Nongnan and Jeed Expelled from school and went overseas due to a sex scandal

  • [Character]: Jeed
    [Portrayed by]: Nungira Hanwutinanon
    [Remarks]: Convent Student Daughter of a salesman who sells water filter Friends with Aim, Yuri, Nongnan, Mo and Lhew Friends with Grace but later enemy Member of the Dance club Has a flair in dancing Khom's and Nueng ex girlfriend Expelled from school due to the Grace hair-cutting incident

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About This Tool

A character refers to the creation of a specific character in a certain art form, and the result of this creation is the character image, which contains many features, such as character, appearance, behavior, and habits are all characters within the scope of the image.

The random generator tool collated 29 items and collected the personality traits of several different characters in Love Sick. You can find Noh, Phun, Earn, Pang, and other characters, and you can also find their personas and labels with this tool. Each character has a unique personality and is very easy to remember.

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