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Random Lithuanian Actorsreport

  • Artūras Barysas (1954–2005) (B)

  • Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė (born 1963) (D)

  • Agnia Ditkovskyte (born 1988) (D)

  • Živilė Raudonienė (born 1982) (R)

  • Laurence Harvey (1928–1973) (H)

  • Lina Braknytė (born 1952) (B)

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The Constitution of Lithuania was adopted by referendum on October 25, 1992, and came into force on November 2,1992. The current constitution has 15 chapters and 154 articles. It stipulates that Lithuania is the independent Democratic Republic, that sovereignty belongs to all the people and that all citizens have equal rights. Into a parliamentary state. The parliament is the highest legislative body in the country, approving or rejecting presidential nominations for the post of the prime minister; appointing and removing state leaders; and having the power to impeach the president, subject to the support of more than three-fifths of the members of parliament. The president is elected by direct popular vote for a term of five years and a maximum of two terms. Citizens over the age of 40 who have lived in Lili continuously for nearly three years may run for president. In the event of the president’s death, resignation, impeachment, or inability to perform his duties for health reasons, the Speaker shall act on his behalf. The president is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the country, makes decisions on major diplomatic issues, appoints and replaces the prime minister with the consent of Parliament, and appoints and replaces ministers on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

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