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  • Coy Craft, midfielder for the FC Dallas

    (Sports) (Alumni)

  • Randall Wallace, screenwriter known for Braveheart. Honorary Doctor of Humanities award in 2011. (Honorary Degree recipients)

  • TobyMac, Christian hip hop artist; former member of DC Talk

    (Music) (Alumni)

  • Ryan Cordell, outfielder for Milwaukee Brewers

    (Sports) (Alumni)

  • Joy Lippard, Contemporary Christian music singer

    (Music) (Alumni)

  • Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts. Honorary Doctor of Humanities awarded in 2012 (Honorary Degree recipients)

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About This Tool

Liberty University, a private Christian University in Lynchburg, Va. , counts students in its online courses, it is the largest Evangelical university in the world, the largest non-profit private university in the United States, the 7th-largest four-year university, and the largest university in Virginia.

A total of 191 items are included in this random generator tool, where you can find not only the names of notable graduates, professors, honorary degree recipients, and information you need but also the details of the different fields these luminaries represent. For example, Richard Rossi, Mike Bullock, Thad Cockrell.

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