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Random Liberty Ships (M–R)report

  • [Ship name]: SS Robert Bacon
    [Namesake]: Robert Bacon
    [MChull no.]: 1027
    [Ship type]: standard
    [Laid down]: 4 January 1943
    [Launched]: 12 February 1943
    [Fate]: Torpedoed and lost off Mozambique, 1943
    (M through R)

  • [Ship name]: SS Mark Hopkins
    [Namesake]: Mark Hopkins
    [MChull no.]: 1231
    [Ship type]: standard
    [Laid down]: 12 November 1942
    [Launched]: 17 January 1943
    [Fate]: Scrapped 1968
    (M through R)

  • [Ship name]: SS Pierre Gibault
    [Namesake]: Pierre Gibault
    [MChull no.]: 1608
    [Ship type]: standard
    [Laid down]: 22 February 1943
    [Launched]: 15 March 1943
    [Fate]: Mined off Rhodes 1945, scrapped 1949
    (M through R)

  • [Ship name]: USS Melucta (AK-131)
    [Namesake]: Melucta
    [MChull no.]: 2470
    [Ship type]: standard
    [Laid down]: 21 January 1944
    [Launched]: 20 March 1944
    [Fate]: To U.S. Navy as AK-131, scrapped 1970
    (M through R)

  • [Ship name]: SS Philip Schuyler
    [Namesake]: Philip Schuyler
    [MChull no.]: 181
    [Ship type]: standard
    [Laid down]: 19 November 1941
    [Launched]: 15 February 1942
    [Fate]: Scrapped 1967
    (M through R)

  • [Ship name]: SS Ralph Izard
    [Namesake]: Ralph Izard
    [MChull no.]: 914
    [Ship type]: standard
    [Laid down]: 2 August 1942
    [Launched]: 13 September 1942
    [Fate]: Scrapped 1965
    (M through R)

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About This Tool

During the Second World War, various war-related industries have achieved great development. Not only weapons, but also physics, chemistry, transportation and other related industries have achieved great development. Cargo ships are one of them.

During the Second World War, the United States built 2,710 steel cargo ships called "liberty ships". This type of ship was developed to meet British transportation orders to replace lost ships. This type of ship is simple and low-cost.

We have collected all liberty ships. The current page displays liberty ships starting with the letter M-R. By default, 6 are displayed each time. For each liberty ship, you can see some basic information, including name, Namesake, MC hull no. , Ship type, Laid down time, Launched time and Fate.

Using this random tool, you can easily learn and understand some knowledge about World War II and cargo ships. Use the generator at the top of the page to generate a specified number of Liberty Ships.

Click the "Display All Items" button and you will get a list of Liberty ships (M–R).

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