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Random Killers Who Made TV Appearances Unrelated To Their Crimes

  • Thumb of The Distraught Neighbor With A Secret video

    (#7) The Distraught Neighbor With A Secret

    In October 2015, 64-year-old Charlotte Nicholas was found stabbed multiple times in the torso, neck, and head. Nicholas's neighbor, 63-year-old Debra Kincy, reported finding the body, and the news interviewed her about the horrendous attack.

    In the interview, Kincy is clearly distraught and upset over the loss of her friend, but that's not the end of the story. Police quickly found texts between the two women that were extremely hostile, and apparently the two were engaged in a dispute over some jewelry. The fight escalated until Kincy went over and murdered her neighbor. It's something you would never guess from the interview.
  • Thumb of The Dating Game Killer video

    (#2) The Dating Game Killer

    Would you go on a blind date with a serial killer? That's almost what happened to an unlucky woman on The Dating Game back in 1978 when she chose Rodney Alcala over the other contestants.

    On air, Alcala might have been charming and funny, albeit definitely creepy, but his extracurricular activities made him one of the most notorious killers of all time. Nicknamed the Dating Game Killer because of his appearance on the show, Alcala turned out to be a horrendous serial killer and rapist. It's confirmed that he killed several people, but his actual tally is probably in the dozens. He enjoyed strangling his victims.

    It's been speculated that the contestant's refusal to go on a date with him after this show aired might have spurred him to commit even more murders. 

  • Thumb of Reporters Interview a Victim's Neighbor - Who Was Also Her Killer video

    (#6) Reporters Interview a Victim's Neighbor - Who Was Also Her Killer

    Back in June 2011, Mercer Law student Lauren Giddings was brutally murdered and mutilated. As police scrambled to find out what happened, the news did a live interview with Giddings's neighbor and fellow Mercer Law student Stephen McDaniel to try to get more information about Giddings. Little did they know, McDaniel was actually the murderer who snuck in her room late one night, strangled her to death, and then cut her up with a hacksaw.

    For most of the interview, McDaniel plays it cool, but it's very clear that he becomes shaken once the news team reveals that Giddings's body had been found. For a man who studied law, you would think he would have hidden the body better than in a random dumpster. 

  • Thumb of The BTK Killer, An Upstanding Community Member video

    (#3) The BTK Killer, An Upstanding Community Member


    Otherwise known as the BTK Killer (for "bind, torture, and kill"), Dennis Rader was a notorious serial killer active in the Wichita, Kansas, area from the 1970s to the 1990s.

    The BTK Killer was particularly adept at blending in, and when he was finally captured and charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder, his community was shocked. He had a wife, who had no idea of his horrendous hobby, and he was even the president of his local church council. He actually gave an interview on air once about animal attacks (snippets of which can be viewed here), and watching the video, it's hard to imagine Rader being a twisted serial killer. 


  • The Dating Show Contestant Who Murdered One Wife While Searching For Another on Random Killers Who Made TV Appearances Unrelated To Their Crimes

    (#9) The Dating Show Contestant Who Murdered One Wife While Searching For Another

    How could an attractive, successful, wealthy real estate developer and reality show star turn out to be a cold-blooded killer? That's the question that was asked when Ryan Jenkins was accused of killing and mutilating his ex-wife, Jasmine Fiore, and dumping her remains in a trash bin.

    Jenkins had recently appeared on an episode of Megan Wants a Millionaire, where wealthy young men tried to win over a materialistic blonde. His friends and family were shocked when Jenkins was accused, but his behavior made it hard to believe he was innocent. He was always quick to anger and was even charged with a misdemeanor count of domestic violence.

    After he was accused, Jenkins fled to Canada, where he holed himself up in a shady motel and ultimately killed himself before authorities could apprehend him. 

  • Thumb of The Master Chef And Serial Poisoner video

    (#1) The Master Chef And Serial Poisoner

    Do you ever think the minor background players on your favorite reality shows might be hiding a dark secret?

    In June 2014, an episode of Masterchef aired that featured English singer JB Gill serving pasta and meatballs to bus drivers. It wasn't until later that people realized that one of the chefs working with him was Stephen Port, who was arrested in October 2015 for poisoning four men.

    It's frightening to realize that the man cooking with Gill met men through gay websites, lured them somewhere, and then poisoned them. Coincidentally, three of Port's victims were found right around the time this episode aired. 

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