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  • Indra's Arrow - 'Naruto' on Random Incredibly Strong Anime Attacks That Were Only Used Onc

    (#3) Indra's Arrow - 'Naruto'

    Indra's Arrow, a technique named for one of Sasuke's ancestors, is the ninja's strongest attack, period. By absorbing chakra from all nine tailed beasts and combining them in a vessel made from Complete Body — Susanoo, Sasuke creates a spectral bow and arrow that he uses to launch at his opponent: his best friend and greatest rival, Naruto Uzumaki.

    Despite the intense power of Indra's Arrow, it's actually not Sasuke's finishing move in his final fight against Naruto. Rather, it's Chidori, one of the first moves he ever learned.

  • Silence Glaive Surprise - 'Sailor Moon' on Random Incredibly Strong Anime Attacks That Were Only Used Onc

    (#12) Silence Glaive Surprise - 'Sailor Moon'

    In order to defeat Queen Nehellenia, Sailor Saturn, also known as Hotaru, uses her Silence Glaive's ultimate attack, Silence Glaive Surprise (this is only in the anime - the manga version has an even gnarlier final move). Silence Glaive Surprise is a wildly powerful energy attack that destroyed a castle before it was even warmed up.

    The full impact of this catastrophic event is still unknown, since Chibiusa stopped Hotaru from fully executing it. If she hadn't, Hotaru would not have survived. 

  • Dark Young - 'Overlord' on Random Incredibly Strong Anime Attacks That Were Only Used Onc

    (#8) Dark Young - 'Overlord'

    There are a lot of reasons why Ainz Ooal Gown is considered to be wildly OP, and Dark Young is one of them. By sacrificing 70,000 members of the  Royal Army in one shot, he's able to summon the Dark Young. These Eldritch abominations look like slobbering goats with tentacles, and they make short work of the rest of the army. The majority of the army was composed of untrained peasants, but even the strongest warriors couldn't have possibly stood up to that mess. 

  • The Tree of Depravity - 'Yu Yu Hakusho' on Random Incredibly Strong Anime Attacks That Were Only Used Onc

    (#7) The Tree of Depravity - 'Yu Yu Hakusho'

    Fresh from a fight in which he was forced to take a child's life, Kurama isn't in the mood to play around when he faces Elder Toguro. Now a parasite inhabiting Makihara's body, he can regenerate infinitely and therefore will live forever, which is what makes this attack particularly cruel. Kurama summons the The Tree of Depravity, which sucks the life out of whatever being it has in its clutches until that being passes away, all the while forcing it to endure endless hallucinations. Since Elder Toguro is functionally immortal, the torment will never end. 

  • The Eighth Inner Gate - 'Naruto' on Random Incredibly Strong Anime Attacks That Were Only Used Onc

    (#1) The Eighth Inner Gate - 'Naruto'

    Might Guy isn't the only person to open all Eight Gates, but he only does it once, and he's one of the only people to survive it. The Eight Gates are a series of blocks that prevent a person from using the full extent of their power. Removing each gate grants greater levels of strength, but it also damages the body. The Eighth gate allows the user access to a forbidden Taijutsu technique called Night Guy, but it also typically results in the person being fully destroyed.

    Might Guy opens the Eighth Gate only once, during a climactic battle against Madara. He survives thanks to Naruto's Yin–Yang Release, but his leg is permanently damaged. As a result, he starts using a wheelchair.

  • Flame Emperor - 'One Piece' on Random Incredibly Strong Anime Attacks That Were Only Used Onc

    (#6) Flame Emperor - 'One Piece'

    Flame Emperor is Portgas D. Ace's most incredible attack. Using his Flame-Flame Fruit, he creates an enormous fireball that resembles the sun. The thing nearly engulfs an entire island. An impressive display of strength, but unfortunately not enough to take down Blackbeard and his Dark-Dark Fruit. 

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I think the greatest trick in anime is the Oogway Qigong. As the pinnacle of Japanese Anime, Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most famous anime IP in the world. So when we think of Dragon Ball, we think of Sun Wukong, Vegeta, Freezer, the classics. When it comes to the Dragon Ball’s killer technique, the Kamehameha style is undoubtedly better known by all. Master Roshi created and later taught Yu Wukong, but this is one of the only early moves Sun Wukong Dragon Ball Super still uses, from the earliest dragon balls to the present day.

In addition to Oogway Qigong, this random tool has collected 13 entries documenting some of the classic kill techniques from the cartoons. You can see Mugetsu-‘Bleach’, The Eighth Inner Gate-‘Naruto’, Indra’s Arrow-‘Naruto’, Zero Hand-‘Hunter x Hunter’ and more from this tool.

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