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  • Envy on Random Humiliating Anime Villain Defeats

    (#5) Envy

    • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    When Envy is defeated, it's a deeply distressing moment for everyone involved. The homunculus is one of the main villains in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhoodand its menace is great enough to inspire a truce between Scar, Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, and Riza Hawkeye.

    Envy tries desperately to convince the rag-tag team to destroy each other. However, Edward soon realizes Envy's pleas are motivated by jealously, as it covets humanity's ability to forgive past wounds and form genuine bonds.

    Ed calls Envy out for being emotionally stunted, causing the villain to burst into tears. Utterly humiliated, Envy kills itself by removing the Philosopher's Stone that keeps its body running. 

  • Light Yagami on Random Humiliating Anime Villain Defeats

    (#2) Light Yagami

    • Death Note, Death Note: Re-light: L's Successors, Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name

    For a time, Light Yagami believed he was a god, but when he's revealed to be the serial killer Kira, his divine composure evaporates. He implicates his co-conspirators, tries (and fails) to talk his way out of the situation, and ends up screaming, sobbing, and begging for mercy until Ryuk finally kills him, as he'd promised to do from the start.

    Watching Death Note's evil protagonist unravel is equal parts satisfying and distressing. When Aizawa and Matsuda – two adults who knew Light as a child – react to his humiliating death, it's hard not to feel choked up, as they truly believed he wasn't a murderer.

  • Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Gets Punched Between The Legs In 'One Punch Man' on Random Humiliating Anime Villain Defeats

    (#1) Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Gets Punched Between The Legs In 'One Punch Man'

    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic wholeheartedly believes he's Saitama's rival. If this were a conventional anime, the two would have a no-holds-barred battle to decide the most powerful warrior.

    However, this is One Punch Man, so pretty much all shonen tropes go out the window. Saitama easily defeats his so-called rival – who he has no particular interest in – by punching him in the crotch. Way to bring a villain back down to Earth. 

  • Frieza on Random Humiliating Anime Villain Defeats

    (#4) Frieza

    • Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Plan to Destroy the Saiya-jin, Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku, Dragon Ball

    Frieza is a ruthless galactic warlord. He commands a group of deadly alien killers, and doesn't hesitate to destroy entire planets. After his crew is dismantled by a mysterious young boy, Frieza is furious, but he never stops to consider whether his new adversary is a genuine threat. 

    The boy turns out to be Future Trunks, AKA the son of Vegeta, one of Dragon Ball Z's most powerful fighters. When the two finally square off, Trunks slices Frieza cleanly in half, chops him into little pieces, then vaporizes his remains. Frieza doesn't really have time to feel humiliated, but had he survived for more than 10 seconds, his final moments would have been tainted by shame. 

  • Ishiguro's Psychic Powers Aren't Good Enough In 'Mob Psycho 100' on Random Humiliating Anime Villain Defeats

    (#11) Ishiguro's Psychic Powers Aren't Good Enough In 'Mob Psycho 100'

    Ishiguro is a powerful psychic who believes his special gift gives him the right to do whatever he wants, as others should be happy to serve him. However, he's defeated by a bunch of psychic kids and a non-psychic adult who gains temporary abilities, all of whom tell him to stop being a whiny, childish, entitled baby. The ultimate villain in Mob Psycho 100 is defeated after he shows everyone his inner wretchedness. 

  • Gon And Killua Show Three Heaven's Arena Fighters No Mercy In 'Hunter x Hunter' on Random Humiliating Anime Villain Defeats

    (#8) Gon And Killua Show Three Heaven's Arena Fighters No Mercy In 'Hunter x Hunter'

    Riehlvelt, Gido, and Sadaso are fighters on the 200th floor of Heaven's Arena. Instead of relying on their combined strength, the three play dirty, kidnapping and blackmailing their way to victory. When they get caught, Riehlvelt decides to try and battle on his own merit, which doesn't work out so well. 

    In one of Hunter X Hunter's most brutal takedownsGon and Killua show Riehlvelt no mercy, breaking his wrists and electrocuting him until he loses consciousness from a combination of pain and fear. When he awakens, he's forced to leave Heaven's Arena with his tail between his legs.

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The difference between humiliation and humiliation is this:
1. Different Interpretations
Humiliation is a loss of honor or a shameful thing, humiliation is injustice and humiliation, oppression and humiliation.
2. Varying degrees
Humiliation mainly refers to the loss of reputation, by the spirit of harm; and humiliation refers to their own material harm. Humiliation hurts more than shame.

This randomly generated tool collates 13 entries, collecting and collating 13 moments of humiliation for villains in the history of animation. At that time their state of mind should be very bad, the mood is about to collapse, and rather than living on borrowed time, better to die.

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