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  • Elizabeth I of England on Random Historical Leaders Who Were Conned by Their Closest Advisors

    (#1) Elizabeth I of England

    • Dec. at 70 (1533-1603)
    While Elizabeth I was content to imprison her cousin Mary, former Queen of Scotland, Elizabeth's secretary, Sir Francis Walsingham, was convinced Mary needed to be executed to ensure Elizabeth's was safe from plots to overthrow her and install Mary as queen. While intercepting letters between Mary and her co-conspirators during the famous Babington Plot, Walsingham forged a postscript from Mary authorizing Elizabeth's execution. He then successfully used it as proof that Elizabeth needed to have Mary executed. 
  • Elagabalus on Random Historical Leaders Who Were Conned by Their Closest Advisors

    (#4) Elagabalus

    • Dec. at 19 (203-222)
    Elagabus became Emperor of Rome at 14, only to be murdered at 19. The vastly unpopular ruler was known for sexual perversion, lavish spending, attempts to force his own religion on Rome, and pretending to be a prostitute. His family convinced him to name an heir in the hopes of replacing him. Elagabus then ordered a Praetorian guard to execute his heir. The guard, who was probably bribed, killed Elagabalus instead. 
  • Christian VII of Denmark on Random Historical Leaders Who Were Conned by Their Closest Advisors

    (#8) Christian VII of Denmark

    • Dec. at 59 (1749-1808)
    Christian VII was a frail, unstable, stupid, self-centered monarch, and universally disliked. As his physical and mental state declined, his doctor, Johann Friedrich Struensée, seized control of the country. Struensée got himself appointed Cabinet Secretary to the King and oversaw all official documents, while having a torrid affair with Christian's wife, Queen Caroline Mathilde, who bragged about their relationship to anyone who would listen. It's rumored Struensée fathered one of the royal children. 
  • Mary, Queen of Scots on Random Historical Leaders Who Were Conned by Their Closest Advisors

    (#7) Mary, Queen of Scots

    • Dec. at 45 (1542-1587)
    In the wake of a deadly upheaval in Scotland, Mary, Queen of Scots, sought protection from her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England. Rather than protect Mary, Elizabeth imprisoned her. From her prison cell, Mary became embroiled in a complex plot (The Babington Plot) to replace Elizabeth I on the throne. News of the plot was intercepted by a double agent, who got hold of coded letters detailing Mary's plans. Mary's secretary confirmed the plot. Mary and her conspirators were executed. 
  • Commodus on Random Historical Leaders Who Were Conned by Their Closest Advisors

    (#18) Commodus

    • Dec. at 31 (161-192)
    Commodus's horrible decisions as Emperor of Rome ended almost 100 year of peace and prosperity in less than 20 years. After a failed assassination attempt by his sister and a group of senators, Commodus became erratic and vicious, having people murdered at random. He thought he was the demigod Hercules, and would fight lions in the gladiator's arena. Commodus's advisors eventually had him strangled to death by a champion wrestler. 
  • Charles IX of France on Random Historical Leaders Who Were Conned by Their Closest Advisors

    (#14) Charles IX of France

    • Dec. at 24 (1550-1574)
    Charles IX was a mentally unstable sadist who demanded thousands of Protestants be murdered during his sister's wedding celebrations, in what became known as the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. He was prone to sores, weakness, and dementia. He was crowned at the age of 10, and his mother, Catherine de' Medici, controlled his rule obsessively. She took advantage of her mad son by managing all state decisions, reading all documents before he signed them, and never letting him be alone, even while sleeping. 

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In the history of various countries, a large number of outstanding advisors have appeared and played a key role, some with rich knowledge and wise strategies, have contributed to the development of their countries, and assistant the country leaders to left valuable military heritage. However, there are also advisors of rulers who are too cunning and evil, they harm the interests of leaders and undermine economic development.

In addition to the command of the leaders, the thoughts and strategies of consultants sometimes play a more critical role in the success or failure of wars. The random tool introduced 18 famous historical leaders who were fooled by their advisors.

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