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  • Dickie Betts on Random Greatest Guitarists

    (#44) Dickie Betts

    Dickie Betts on Random Greatest Guitarists
  • Duane Allman on Random Greatest Guitarists

    (#12) Duane Allman

    • Duane Allman: An Anthology, Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective, Ton-Ton Macoute!, Duane & Greg Allman, Duane Allman: An Anthology, Volume II
  • Joe Walsh on Random Greatest Guitarists

    (#29) Joe Walsh

    • "But Seriously, Folks...", The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get / You Can't Argue With a Sick Mind, Rocky Mountain Way, The Confessor, The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get, Barnstorm, Ordinary Average Guy, You Bought It—You Name It, Got Any Gum?, So What, Songs for a Dying Planet, There Goes the Neighborhood, Jump the Blues Away, You Can't Argue With a Sick Mind, Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits (Little Did He Know…), The Best of Joe Walsh, The Definitive Collection, Night Riding, The Best of Joe Walsh and the James Gang (1969 - 1974), Summer '81 Live From Central Park, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Joe Walsh, Look What I Did! The Joe Walsh Anthology, Analog Man, A Life of Illusion, Life's Been Good, So Far So Good, Four Tracks From, Crown Prince of Rock Live in the USA Greatest Hits 1981-1991, MTV Unplugged
  • Thumb of Eric Clapton video

    (#5) Eric Clapton

    • 461 Ocean Boulevard, Crossroads, Pilgrim, Journeyman, Tears in Heaven, August, Behind the Sun, There's One in Every Crowd, Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton, The Road to Escondido, Layla (acoustic), Concert for George, Lethal Weapon 3, Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton, Me and Mr. Johnson, Backless, Unplugged, Eric Clapton, From the Cradle, Slowhand, The First Time I Met the Blues, The Legends Collection: The Eric Clapton Collection, Volume 2, The Early Cream of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton Stages, British Rock Symphony, Just One Night, Reptile, Riding With the King, Time Pieces Vol.II Live in the Seventies, Money and Cigarettes, A Blues Evening-live album, Blues Night-live album, 1990-05-03: Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA-live album, Another Ticket, 2006-07-08: Arena Santa Giuliana, Perugia, Italy-live album, No Reason to Cry, Back Home, Old Sock, Clapton, My Father's Eyes, Give Me Strength - The '74/'75 Sessions, Feel the Groove, The Cream of Eric Clapton, The Early Clapton Collection, Complete Clapton, Crossroads 2: Live in the Seventies, The Story of Us, Story, Blues, Live in Japan, Time Pieces: The Best of Eric Clapton, On Tour with Eric Clapton, Crossroads - Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2013, The Blues Years, One More Car One More Rider, Eric Clapton, Most Famous Hits: The Album, Draggin' My Tail (Black Box), 24 Nights, What's Shakin', Tribute To Elmore, White-Collection, Strictly the Blues, Eric Clapton, Volume 2, Live from Madison Square Garden, Guitar Boogie, Experience, Icon, Volume I, E.C. Was Here, Eric Clapton, Volume 3, Rush, The Budokan Blues, Kind of Blues, Eric Clapton Early Years, The Yardbird Years, The Best of Eric Clapton, Hits of Fire, Collection, Ballads, West Coast Idea, White Boy Blues, Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert, Eric Clapton Exclusive Collection, Beginnings, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric Clapton, With Yardbirds and Jimmy Page, 1989-02-03: Beetle Clasher: Royal Albert Hall, London, England, Volume 2, Eric Clapton & Friends Live, Eric Clapton, For Your Love, Best of the Yardbird Years, The Legends Collection: The Eric Clapton Collection, Volume 1, Blues Power, Eric Clapton and Friends, Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play the Blues: Live from Jazz at Lincoln Center, Edge of Darkness, Ringtrick, Unplugged / Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton (disc 2), The Blues World of Eric Clapton, Timepieces, Volume II: 'Live' in the Seventies, Mister Slowhand, Eric Clapton / Jimmy Page & Albert Lee, Eric Clapton & Friends: Let It Rock, The World of Eric Clapton, Big Boss Man, Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Eric Clapton, The Professor Blues Review, Montreux, 1986, Knockin' on Heaven's Door (feat. Eric Clapton), Turn Up Down, Blues Rehearsals, The Early Years, She's So Respectable, Steppin' Out, Backtrackin', Change the World, And Friends in Concert (disc 1), The Survivor, Presence of the Lord (disc 2), Eric Clapton at His Best, Highclere Castle, Countryside Rocks, Clapton, The History of Eric Clapton, Motherless Child, Runaway Train, After Midnight (Extended Version), 2001-12-04: Budokan, Japan, 1992 - Live in New York, The Cream of Clapton, Run Back to Your Side, Instrumental Blues Jams, Wonderful Tonight (Live), Love Can Build a Bridge, After Midnight / Easy Now, Tribute To Elmore-compilation album, It Hurts Me Too-single, I Can't Stand It / Black Rose, Presence of the Lord-live album, Layla, The A.R.M.S. Benefit Concert, Rarities-album, Bad Love, Lay Down Sally / Cocaine, Willie and the Hand Jive / Mainline Florida, Sessions for Robert J, I've Got a Rock 'n' Roll Heart / Man in Love, Lonely Years-single, Post Cricket Jam-album, Wonderful Tonight / Peaches and Diesel, I Shot the Sheriff / Give Me Strength, 2006-05-25: Truckin' the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK-live album, Telephone Blues, 1991-07-02: Royal Albert Hall, London, England-live album, Knocking on Heaven's Door / Someone Like You, I Ain't Gonna Stand for It, The Best of Eric Clapton, 2004-12-31/2005-01-01: Trusted Servants and a Beatle: Woking Leisure Centre, UK-live album, 1999-11-24: Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan-live album, Eric's Blues, If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day-single, The Twelfth Night-live album, Pretending-single, 1990-10-05: Amigos: Buenos Aires, Argentina-live album, Eric Clapton & Friends, 1986-11-23: New Blood Brother: The Ritz, New York, NY, USA-live album, 1974-07-18: Smiling Away: Tempe Diablo Stadium, Tempe, AZ, USA-live album, 2004-07-30: HP Pavilion: San Jose, CA, USA-live album, For Your Love, After Midnight Live, Forever Man, 24 Carat Blues Band-album, 1977-06-11: Groenoordhall, Leiden, Netherlands-live album, 1999-11-24: Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan, 1992-02-02: Tears in Heaven: Brighton Centre, Sussex, UK-live album, (I) Get Lost, 2004-06-06: Crossroads Festival-live album, 1994-11-28: Club Full of Blues: Irving Plaza, New York City, NY, USA-live album, 2006-06-03: Frankfurt am Main, Germany-live album, Rarities, Circus (disc 1), The Blues Concert, 1999-11-27: Pilgrim Tour: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan-live album, 2001-10-06: River of Tears: Buenos Aires, Argentina-live album, 1994-04-28: Royal Albert Hall, London, England-live album, L. Z. Was Here-live album, 1987-03-27: The 18th Hole: Cranleigh, Surrey, UK-live album, Montreux '86-live album, Lonely Years / Bernard Jenkins, 16 Greatest Hits, 1998-10-16: Hope We Don't Peak Too Soon: Earls Court, London, UK-live album, 1996-09-12: The Armani Party: Lexington Armory, New York, NY, USA-live album, Behind the Mask, Live at Budokan, Play With Fire, Exhaust Note-album, Blue Eyes Blue, Eric Clapton and Friends, Highclere Castle, Countryside Rocks-live album, Further on Up the Crossroads-compilation album, The Very Best: Blues and Ballads, 1976-11-16: One Night in Oklahoma: LLoyd Noble Arena, Norman, OK, USA-live album, 1974-07-21: Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, USA-live album, 1987-01-16: Caught in the Act: Ahoy Halle, Rotterdam, Netherlands-live album, 1978-02-12: Layla: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USA-live album, Live With Orchestra-compilation album, 1974-07-27: Hideaway: Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Davenport, MS, USA-live album, 1986-08-16: Tearing Us Apart: Ronnie Scott's Club, London, UK-live album, Georgia Blues-compilation album, 1977-06-13: Forest National, Bruxelles, Belgium-live album, 1992-05-08: Live in New York 1992: Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA-live album, 2001-12-04: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan-live album, 1985-07-05: Chicago No Bad Blues: Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estates, IL, USA-live album, 1974-07-20: Long Beach, CA, USA-live album, 1990-04-15: Detroit, MI, USA-live album, From the Cradle to the Fillmore West-live album, It's Probably Me, 2006-05-05: La Palestre, Le Cannet, France-live album, 1983-04-20: Bremen, Germany-live album, 1976-11-15: One Night in Dallas: Dallas, TX, USA-live album, 1983-04-20: No One Else: Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany-live album, 1984-06-17: Thanks for the Ride: Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden-live album, 1987-01-11: Romantic Isolation: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK-live album, The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale, 2 for 1: Time Pieces, Volume 1: The Best of Eric Clapton / Timepieces, Volume 2: 'Live' In the Seventies
  • Chet Atkins on Random Greatest Guitarists

    (#28) Chet Atkins

    • East Tennessee Christmas, Chester & Lester, Simpatico, The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World, Street Dreams, Christmas With Chet Atkins, Chet Atkins: Guitar Legend: The RCA Years, Chet, Floyd & Boots, The Pops Goes Country, Chet Atkins Picks on the Beatles, C.G.P. (Certified Guitar Player), Pickin' My Way, The Most Popular Guitar / Down Home, Reflections, Masters of the Guitar: Together, Jim Reeves, Floyd Cramer, Chet Atkins in Suid-Afrika, Chet, Floyd & Danny, Guitar Monsters, Chet Atkins Picks on the Pops, Chet Atkins' Workshop, C. B. Atkins & C. E. Snow by Special Request, Reminiscing, Chet Atkins Picks on the Hits / Superpickers, Me and My Guitar, Identified!, American Salute, Sneakin' Around, Neck and Neck, Almost Alone, Sails, Relaxin' with Chet, The Atkins-Travis Traveling Show, Teensville, Solo Sessions, Solid Gold '68, Chet Atkins in Hollywood, Stay Tuned, Picks on the Hits, Chet Atkins' Gallopin' Guitar, Country Pickin', The Nashville Jump, Solid Gold 69, Stringin' Along with Chet Atkins, Me and Jerry, The Night Atlanta Burned / The First Nashville Guitar Quartet, From Nashville with Love, Read My Licks, The Night Atlanta Burned, Hum and Strum With Chet Atkins, Our Man in Nashville, Teen Scene, Solo Flights, Chet, For the Good Times, Hometown Guitar, Guitar Country / More of That Guitar Country, Chet Atkins in Three Dimensions, Stringin' Along with Chet Atkins, Caribbean Guitar, Hi-Fi in Focus, Class Guitar, My Favorite Guitars, Alone, Yestergroovin, Chet Atkins Goes to the Movies, The Most Popular Guitar, Travelin', Finger Style Guitar, Chet Atkins at Home, It's a Guitar World, A Session with Chet Atkins, Lover's Guitar, Progressive Pickin', The Other Chet Atkins, Guitar Country, Chet Atkins Plays Back Home Hymns, Me & Chet, Chet Atkins Picks on Jerry Reed, Country After All These Years, Down Home, Strung Up, Hum and Strum Along With Chet Atkins / The Other Chet Atkins, Down Home, The Bandit, The Nashville String Band, Jazz from the Hills, World's Greatest Melodies, 8 Classic Albums, Legendary Chet Atkins, Standard Brands (feat. Chet Atkins), The Best of Chet Atkins & Friends, The Early Years, 1945 - 1954, Volume 4, The Essential Chet Atkins: The Columbia Years, The Essential Chet Atkins, 1947-1981 The RCA Years, The Magic of Chet Atkins, Mister Guitar, Guitar Man, Tennessee Guitar Man, My Favorite Guitars / It's a Guitar World, Chet Atkins Best Selection, The Best of Chet Atkins, Country Gems, The Collection, Live in Nashville, Pickin' On Country, The Guitar Genius, Stringin' Along with Chet, A Legendary Performer, Volume 1, The Early Years 1946–1957, Eclectic Guitar, Back Home Hymns, The Best of Chet Atkins, Vol. 2, The Essential Chet Atkins, Picks the Best, Nashville Gold, Music From Nashville, My Home Town / Chet Atkins, The Best of Chet on the Road — Live, Super Hits, Galloping Guitar: The Early Years, Chet Picks on the Grammys, The Best of Chet Atkins, RCA Country Legends: Chet Atkins, Chet Atkins Plays Great Movie Themes, After the Riot at Newport, Now and . . . Then, The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat, Me and Chet / Me and Jerry, Guitar for All Seasons, And Then Came Chet Atkins, The Master and His Music, RCA Country Legends, And His Guitar / Guitar Genius, A Tribute to Bluegrass, Finger-Style Guitar / Stringin' Along With Chet Atkins, Pickin' the Hits, Classics, The Masters, The Best of Chet Atkins, Mister Guitar: Chet Atkins in Three Dimension, Early Chet Atkins, The Atkins-Travis Traveling Show / Reflections, Chet All The Way, In Concert, String Dustin', Play Guitar with Chet Atkins, A Legendary Performer, I've Been Working on the Guitar: The Legend Begins, Love Letters, Country Music, Guitar Pickin' Man, Poor Boy Blues, Mr. Guitar: The Complete Recordings 1955-1960, Mr. Atkins, Guitar Picker, Solid Gold Guitar, Chet Atkins with the Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle 1949, Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle With Chet Atkins, Famous Country Music Makers, The Golden Guitar of Chet Atkins, Chet Atkins Guitar Method Volume 1 & 2, Great Hits of the Past, A Master and His Music, Discover Japan, High Rockin' Swing, Finger Pickin' Good, In Three Dimensions, At Home
  • Thumb of John Fogerty video

    (#43) John Fogerty

    • Deja Vu All Over Again, Hoodoo, Centerfield, The Blue Ridge Rangers, Revival, Blue Moon Swamp, Eye of the Zombie, Live at Globen (Disc 2), John Fogerty, Wrote a Song For Everyone, The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty - Creedence Collection, Premonition, The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again, The Long Road Home: In Concert, Washington 1987, Revival – Exclusive Bonus DVD, Comin' Down the Road: The Concert at Royal Albert Hall, The Best of John Fogerty, I Confess, Bring It Down to Rock'n'Roll, Roskilde 1997

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