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  • Mayor Robert "Bob" White on Random Greatest Fictional Celebrities from Nickelodeon's Doug

    (#6) Mayor Robert "Bob" White

    • Doug

    With his nasally Southern drawl and ill-fitting wig, Bluffington Mayor Robert "Bob" White is like an amalgamation of Ross Perot and Donald Trump. Concerned more with fame and status than his constituency, White's numerous encounters with Doug typically center on his ego. He's also quick to cozy up to any nationwide celebrities to pop into Bluffington, whether they be bodybuilder Ronald Weisenheimer or film director J.B. Spiggot. He may only be famous around town, but everybody knows his catchphrase: "Vote for me!"

  • Dylan Farnum on Random Greatest Fictional Celebrities from Nickelodeon's Doug

    (#8) Dylan Farnum

    • Doug

    Beverly Hills, 90210 was still a ratings smash among teens during Doug's fourth season, and it was pretty clear that hotshot teen actor Dylan Farnum was Bluffington's version of Luke Perry. Not only is the character named Dylan (Perry's name on 90210), but he stars on a show called Teen Heart Street, which is hilarious in how it spoofs the melodramatics of its satirical target. When Dylan wears Doug's signature outfit on a new episode, our hero entertains the idea that he might be a fashion trendsetter. Sadly, that's not really how things work out.

  • Derek Derekson on Random Greatest Fictional Celebrities from Nickelodeon's Doug

    (#11) Derek Derekson

    • Doug

    Described as a "world famous Shakespearean figure-skating person," Derek Derekson isn't content to be the master of just one art. We first see him in a dream sequence, but it's soon revealed that Derekson has his own show, wherein he, well, ice-skates while reciting Shakespeare. Worshipped by Doug's arty older sister, Judy, Derekson represents her platonic ideal. We don't know how she feels about that Prince Valiant 'do, however.

  • Skunky Beaumont on Random Greatest Fictional Celebrities from Nickelodeon's Doug

    (#9) Skunky Beaumont

    • Skunky Beaumont

    Skunky Beaumont is more a celebrity for fans than for anyone in Bluffington. Though he's at the center of nearly every local urban legend (he was attacked by trees, for one), we never catch a glimpse of the elusive character. We do, however, hear his voice in the Season 1 episode "Doug Didn't Do It." Skunky became a lead when Disney revived the show in the late '90s, but pretty much everyone preferred him as a living mystery.

  • Sky Davis on Random Greatest Fictional Celebrities from Nickelodeon's Doug

    (#4) Sky Davis

    • Doug

    Sky Davis is the superstar basketball player behind Air Jets - the Air Jordans of Bluffington. See, in this episode, shoes were a new kind of cultural currency; you weren't cool unless you had a sweet (and expensive) pair of shoes. Doug, ashamed of his longtime sneakers, sets out to buy some Jets but is too broke to snag a pair. Crestfallen, Doug is invigorated by a visit from Davis himself, who reveals to Doug that his favorite sneakers are the everyday kicks he's worn since he was young. Before he leaves, Doug asks him to sign his shoes; Davis does, then asks Doug to do the same. After all, they are "sole brothers."

  • Thaddeus Bluff on Random Greatest Fictional Celebrities from Nickelodeon's Doug

    (#7) Thaddeus Bluff

    • Thaddeus Bluff

    We never see Thaddeus Bluff, but the founder of Bluffington is remembered fondly in town as someone who "didn’t believe in meaningless tradition." Legend has it that when Bluff staked his claim to the land he met resistance from, weirdly enough, a pair of talking trees. This mythology is brought to life during a school play in the second season, but with Doug's older sister, Judy, at the helm, the story takes some odd twists and turns. As played by Skeeter, Bluff is re-imagined as a scatting astronaut. Surprisingly, it works.

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Doug is a family comedy cartoon created by Jim Jinkins and Maurice Joyce. It is famous for its simple style, the characters' images are all simple, telling the simple truth of life in these simple stories. The interesting thing is that except for the leading role who has a normal skin color, the skin colors of other characters are very different, such as green skin, orange skin, and light blue skin.

The 11-year-old boy Adelaide and his family moved to the small town of Bluffington and started a new life. His diary recorded his new life, not only the real-life story but also the fantastic adventures he fantasized about. The random tool lists 13 popular fictional celebrities in Doug.

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