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  • Magical Mystery Tour on Random Greatest Albums

    (#10) Magical Mystery Tour

    "Magical Mystery Tour"

    "The Fool on the Hill"

    "Your Mother Should Know"

  • School's Out on Random Greatest Albums

    (#28) School's Out

    • Alma Mater, My Stars, Luney Tune, School’s Out, Blue Turk, Gutter Cat vs. The Jets, Public Animal #9, Street Fight, Grande Finale
  • Morrison Hotel on Random Greatest Albums

    (#24) Morrison Hotel

    • Maggie M’Gill, The Spy, Queen of the Highway, Peace Frog, Waiting for the Sun, You Make Me Real, Ship of Fools, Blue Sunday, Indian Summer, Land Ho!, Roadhouse Blues

    "You Make Me Real"

    "Roadhouse Blues"

    "The Spy"

  • Let's Dance on Random Greatest Albums

    (#43) Let's Dance

    • China Girl, Without You, Shake It, Modern Love, Ricochet, Cat People (Putting Out Fire), Let's Dance, Criminal World
  • Surrealistic Pillow on Random Greatest Albums

    (#27) Surrealistic Pillow

    • D.C.B.A.-25, Plastic Fantastic Lover, My Best Friend, Today, White Rabbit, Comin' Back to Me, She Has Funny Cars, White Rabbit (feat. Grace Slick), 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds, Somebody to Love, Embryonic Journey, How Do You Feel
  • Abbey Road on Random Greatest Albums

    (#2) Abbey Road

    • Here Comes the Sun, Oh! Darling, Because, You Never Give Me Your Money, Sun King, Carry That Weight, The End, Octopus's Garden, I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Her Majesty, Polythene Pam, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers, Come Together, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Mean Mr. Mustard, Something


    "Come Together"


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About This Tool

What is the best album in your mind? You can find them in the most conspicuous position when you walk into any record store in any city in the world. The value of the music and the album cover correspond to each other. Those people who are not music fans or even those who do not understand contemporary pop music, they may be familiar with these album photos.

This random tool generates 3110 items, including the greatest albums of all-time. Whether it's the classic music or new pop music albums, you can find them here, such as Abbey Road, Pet Sounds, Rubber Soul, etc.

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