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  • Kate Miller on Random Girlfriends from "Friends"

    (#12) Kate Miller

    Joey had eyes for his costar Kate (Dina Meyer) in season three. Even though she's dating the play's director, she falls for Joey's charm. When the play bombs because the costars reportedly have no onstage chemistry, Kate gets dumped by the director and eventually takes off for a soap opera gig in Los Angeles. Kate appeared on the show for a total of three episodes.
  • Kathy on Random Girlfriends from "Friends"

    (#6) Kathy

    Kathy (Paget Brewster) and Joey hook up in season four. She's an actor but also an intellectual, not necessarily Joey's type. Meanwhile, Chandler falls in lust with Kathy. They share a kiss and their mutual attraction nearly tears apart Joey and Chandler's friendship. Joey ultimately gives them his blessing and Chandler starts to date Kathy. However, the relationship doesn't last very long as Kathy once again can't stay faithful. Kathy was in the picture for six episodes.
  • Charlie Wheeler on Random Girlfriends from "Friends"

    (#9) Charlie Wheeler

    Charlie (Aisha Tyler) was a colleague of Ross's and fellow paleontology professor. Of course, he wanted to ask her out but was beat to the punch by Joey in a season nine episode. Eventually, Charlie came to the fairly obvious conclusion that she and the simpler minded Joey had very little in common. Ross eventually manned up and professed his feelings to her. The pair began a relationship until Charlie broke it off to go back to Dr. Hobart (Greg Kinnear). Charlie appeared in nine episodes.
  • Janine LaCroix on Random Girlfriends from "Friends"

    (#10) Janine LaCroix

    Janine (Elle Macpherson) is really, really attractive. So attractive in fact that when Chandler moves out to move in with Monica, Joey automatically agrees to let her be his new roomie based solely upon her looks. The pair eventually begin to date but the relationship ends when Janine confesses that she doesn't like Monica and Chandler. Janine appears in five episodes during season six.
  • Emily Waltham on Random Girlfriends from "Friends"

    (#14) Emily Waltham

    You know how Ross likes to get married? Emily (Helen Baxendale) was Ross's second wife. We meet the uptight British Emily during season four, while she is visiting New York. Ross and Emily fall madly in love over a two-week period, and Ross asks her to marry him. Of course, Rachel shows up for the wedding in London and Ross mistakenly says Rachel at the altar. Ouch.

    Although the pair try to make a go of their marriage, it can't last - it never actually stood a chance with Rachel still in the picture. Emily appeared in a total of 14 episodes.
  • Bonnie on Random Girlfriends from "Friends"

    (#7) Bonnie

    Poor bald Bonnie (Christine Taylor). She gets sabotaged by Rachel in season three in the episode "The One at the Beach." Rachel, who was still in love with Ross, convinced Bonnie that she should shave off her long blonde locks and go totally bald. Ross did not like the new do and eventually dumped her in order to get back together with Rachel. Bonnie appeared in a total off three episodes.

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Watching "Friends" back then, in addition to the relationships and interactions between the 6 leading roles, another fun is to watch their wonderful emotional lives. Everyone is constantly changing dates, every episode has new supporting roles, there are great daters and bitches, some appear in one or two episodes, some run through several seasons, and the reasons for the breakup are also strange and diverse.

There is no doubt that Friends is a classic sitcom. The 3 male leading roles have gained quite a few ex-girlfriends with their impressive skills in pursuing women. The random tool lists 16 girlfriends from Friends you may forget already.

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