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  • Liberace on Random Famous Gay People Who Died Of AIDS

    (#7) Liberace

    • Dec. at 68 (1919-1987)
    Liberace died on February 4, 1987 due to AIDS related complications. He hid his condition from the public and there was even an attempt to manipulate his autopsy report to hide the fact that he had AIDS. Liberace never publicly came out as gay, but his sexuality was documented by biographers and close friends.
  • Keith Haring on Random Famous Gay People Who Died Of AIDS

    (#8) Keith Haring

    • Dec. at 32 (1958-1990)
    Artist Keith Haring was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987.  He died in 1990 due to AIDS related complications.  Haring frequently expressed his feeling about gay rights and AIDS awareness in his art.
  • Anthony Perkins on Random Famous Gay People Who Died Of AIDS

    (#2) Anthony Perkins

    • Dec. at 60 (1932-1992)
    "Psycho" star Anthony Perkins died from AIDS related complications on September 12, 1992.  He was rumored to have had affairs with several men including Stephen Sondheim, Tab Hunter and Christopher Makos.
  • Brad Davis on Random Famous Gay People Who Died Of AIDS

    (#11) Brad Davis

    • Dec. at 42 (1949-1991)
    "Midnight Express" actor Brad Davis was diagnosed with HIV in 1985.  He died to do an intentional overdoes on September 8, 1991. He discussed having relationships with men in an interview with Boze Hadleigh.
  • Robert Reed on Random Famous Gay People Who Died Of AIDS

    (#5) Robert Reed

    • Died at 60 (1932-1992)
    "Brady Bunch" actor Robert Reed was diagnosed with HIV and it is believed that HIV played a major role in his death.  He also had colon cancer.  Reed died on May 12, 1992. Reed was gay, but he kept his sexual orientation private in order to protect his career.
  • Pedro Zamora on Random Famous Gay People Who Died Of AIDS

    (#9) Pedro Zamora

    • Dec. at 22 (1972-1994)
    "The Real World" star Pedro Zamora was diagnosed with HIV in 1989. He died on November 11, 1994 due to AIDS related complications. Zamora was opening gay and his participation on "The Real World" help to raise awareness to both gay rights and AIDS.

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About This Tool

In 1981, Americans first discovered AIDS clinically. For humans, this is a brand new disease. After years of tracing the root cause, scientists discovered the path of transmission of this disease. Today we know that high-risk sex is one of the important ways to get AIDS, but in the past, no one was not afraid of the scandals brought about by AIDS and homosexuality. Many celebrities in history were infected during the AIDS outbreak.

Here the random tool introduces 12 famous gay people who died of AIDS. The fact is that the sex between gay people is indeed more susceptible to HIV, but the spread way of AIDS has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

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