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Random Everything 'IT Chapter Two' Changed From Book

  • Richie’s Job  on Random Everything 'IT Chapter Two' Changed From Book

    (#8) Richie’s Job

    This is a small change, and it's one that makes a lot of sense with the modernized take on the story. In the book, Richie is a successful radio DJ in LA who turned his ability for "voices" and impressions into a decent amount of fame.

    In the movie, Richie is a standup comedian - one successful enough that he gets recognized in restaurants from time to time.

  • The Losers’ Memories on Random Everything 'IT Chapter Two' Changed From Book

    (#10) The Losers’ Memories

    The movie version of IT actually concludes on a higher note than the book. The film ends with a call between Bill and Mike as Mike gets ready to leave Derry for good. Bill asks Mike why he can actually remember what happened in their hometown - why their memories aren't fading this time around - and Mike suggests it's because they have more they actually want to remember.

    In the book, as soon as the Losers defeat Pennywise and return to their lives, they once again start to forget what happened in Derry, including the names and faces of their friends. It goes so far that the words in Mike's journal about Pennywise and the aftermath fade from his notebook. The Losers save the town, and all it cost them were the memories of their youth and childhood friends.

  • Henry’s Killer on Random Everything 'IT Chapter Two' Changed From Book

    (#5) Henry’s Killer

    Henry Bowers, perpetual antagonist of the Losers’ Club, escapes from his asylum - with Pennywise's assistance - in both the book and the movie. In both, he targets a number of the Losers. In the book, he gets the jump on Mike, striking him badly enough that he ends up in the hospital. Afterward, Henry heads to the Derry Town House, finds Eddie’s room, and breaks his arm - echoing Eddie's broken arm when they faced Pennywise as kids - before Eddie manages to slay Henry with a broken bottle.

    In the movie, Henry strikes Eddie first, jabbing him in the cheek instead of breaking his arm, and then escapes. He goes after Mike second, but is slain by Richie before doing much harm.

  • Richie's Sexuality on Random Everything 'IT Chapter Two' Changed From Book

    (#1) Richie's Sexuality

    In the novel, not much is made of Richie’s love life. It's mentioned early on that he had a wife for a while, but had gotten a divorce after a few years. In the movie it's heavily implied that not only is Richie gay, but also may have feelings for fellow Losers' Club member Eddie Kaspbrak.

    Pennywise is wise to Richie's secret, tauntingly recognizing that being outed is Richie's greatest fear.

  • Pennywise’s Arrival on Random Everything 'IT Chapter Two' Changed From Book

    (#7) Pennywise’s Arrival

    Pennywise’s ancient fall to Earth millions of years in the past remains mostly intact between the book and film versions of the story. The big difference comes with who actually sees it happen - and how. In the movie, we learn that Mike met a Native tribe outside of town who were able to give him a vision of IT's arrival thanks to a hallucinatory root. Mike gives the root to Bill after he arrives in Derry to show him the same vision - and to make him understand what must be done.

    In the book, the Losers see Pennywise's arrival as kids. They decide to turn their clubhouse into a temporary smoke hut to try conjure a vision. They all start in the hut, but nearly everyone bails before receiving a vision. Only Mike and Richie stay long enough to see how the monster first arrived in the place that would be Derry.

  • Mike's Role In IT’s Lair on Random Everything 'IT Chapter Two' Changed From Book

    (#2) Mike's Role In IT’s Lair

    In the novel, the adult version of Mike Hanlon spends most of his time convincing the Losers to return to Derry, then helping them slowly remember what happened in the summer of 1957. Unlike his younger self, Mike doesn’t actually make it into the sewers to face off against Pennywise as an adult; instead, he's in the hospital, courtesy of Henry Bowers.

    In the movie, not only is Mike down in IT’s lair with the rest of the group, but he plays an instrumental role in taking down the monster.

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