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Random Episodes Michael Scott Was Bleeped Out On 'The Office'

  • Diversity Day on Random Episodes Michael Scott Was Bleeped Out On 'The Office'

    (#1) Diversity Day

    • Mar 29 2005

    Season 1, episode 2: "Diversity Day"

    After Michael gets in trouble for performing an offensive reenactment of a Chris Rock comedy routine, corporate decides to send a diversity training coach to the Scranton branch for some sensitivity training. The coach invites the staff to help reenact the situation in an effort to reach "a more positive outcome"; however, during the reenactment of the reenactment, Michael has a hard time listening to Kevin's interpretation of the comedy routine and inturrupts with a problematic, explitive-ridden performance of his own.

  • China on Random Episodes Michael Scott Was Bleeped Out On 'The Office'

    (#8) China

    • Dec 02 2010

    Season 7, episode 10: "China"

    After Michael reads an article about China's rapidly growing economy while at the dentist, he becomes gravely concerned about the state of the United States as a global economic power. As a result, he calls on the staff to come up with some "big ideas" that might help turn things around for America.

    After bouncing around a few ideas, primarily pertaining to Kevin's dream of longer-lasting antacids, Erin reveals an idea of her own. She suggesting that they all develop a plan in which they hire a new guy, take out a $100k life-insurance plan on him, and murder him to collect the money, privately revealing to the camera that she believes that might be what they are doing to her. Then, after a pause, Michael expresses his frustration and confusion at Erin's suggestion with a few choice words.

  • Stress Relief on Random Episodes Michael Scott Was Bleeped Out On 'The Office'

    (#7) Stress Relief

    • Feb 01 2009

    Season 5, episode 14: "Stress Relief: Part 1"

    When Dwight becomes frustrated at his coworkers for not taking his fire safety instructions seriously, he decides to put them to the test by literally igniting a fire of his own in the office. When people realize that it is not, in fact, a drill, chaos ensues, with Michael promptly running out of his office and instructing everyone to stay calm in a less than soothing tone.

  • Dunder Mifflin Infinity on Random Episodes Michael Scott Was Bleeped Out On 'The Office'

    (#5) Dunder Mifflin Infinity

    Season 4, episode 2: "Dunder Mifflin Infinity"

    When Ryan announces that Dunder Mifflin will begin using a website in an effort to increase sales, Michael becomes determined to prove that old-fashioned sales methods work better. Then, after spending an afternoon unsuccessfully trying to win back ex-clients with fanciful gift baskets, Michael proselytize to the office about the evils of technology, as evidenced by his GPS "machine" allegedly telling him to drive his car into a lake.

  • A Benihana Christmas on Random Episodes Michael Scott Was Bleeped Out On 'The Office'

    (#3) A Benihana Christmas

    • Dec 14 2006

    Season 3, episode 10: "A Benihana Christmas"

    When the office hosts a Christmas toy drive, Michael decides to donate his used bicycle in an effort to show how giving he is. As soon as he gets the bicycle off of the elevator, he decides to give it one last ride into the office while singing "Deck The Halls," running into a doorway and uttering an explitive, narrowly missing a potted plant in the process.

  • Launch Party on Random Episodes Michael Scott Was Bleeped Out On 'The Office'

    (#6) Launch Party

    Season 4, episode 3: "Launch Party"

    When Michael receives a VIP invitation to Dunder Mifflin's website launch party, he promptly invites Jim to join him for the improptu roadtrip to New York City. Sadly, upon reviewing their destination's address, they realize that it was in fact an invitation to a chatroom, not the event itself. Arriving back at the Scranton branch just in time to make his webcam introduction, Michael uses his screentime to inform Ryan that Dwight beat the website in the day's sales, complete with a vulgar descriptor aimed at Ryan.

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