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  • (#1) Saved Dad From Dying Of An Overdose

    From Blindrapture:

    "When I was in my late teens I was hanging out with a friend in my room. Suddenly I started feeling panicky with something telling me to leave the house. I decided to listen to my gut and told my friend we had to go to the store right now.

    We went outside to find my dad passed out in his truck looking really sick and pale. My friend and I pulled him out of the truck and he called 9-1-1 while I performed CPR on my dad and saved his life. Later I found out he had overdosed and choked on his own vomit. Who knows what would have happened if I didn't have the overwhelming urge to walk to the store for no reason.

    He was always a drug addict but he hid it very well (with help from my mom). That was the first time I found out about his problem. We did know he was an alcoholic. Heroin was his drug of choice."

  • (#2) Predicted Grandpa's End

    From pupp7877:

    "When I was eight, I told my father not to go on a date that night because something bad was going to happen. He told me not to worry, that I would be fine with my grandfather. When we (grandfather and I) got back to his house, he laid on the couch and died in front of me from a stroke."

  • (#3) They Had Just Robbed Him

    From ximmabee:

    "Seeing three people walking down my street and had the worst gut feeling that something was not right with them. I went home, and as it turns out, they broke into my home and robbed me."

  • (#4) Mom Cancelled Her Babysitting Job

    From LucasSidor:

    "Not me, but when my mother was a teenager, she was supposed to go babysitting for a family she had babysat for many times before. She had a bad feeling about it one night and called them. They pleaded with her that it would only be a few hours, but she insisted and they said 'okay' and got another babysitter. That night, their house was broken into and the other babysitter was [attacked]. I sometimes think about how different her life would be if she did go that night. My mom's been through a lot of stuff."

  • (#5) Their "Horror Movie" Instinct Saved Them

    From BecTec:

    "I dropped my blind mother off to unlock the front door, and I went to put the tandem away in the shed. I get to the back and the phrase 'Horror Movie' and adrenaline pump through my head. I froze for a second trying to figure out why I was so scared. My mom screams, the back door flies open, and this guy runs out.

    I don't know who he is and he looks unhinged, not like a robber, he just looks insane. Our eyes meet and he runs back inside. I hear his footsteps and I take off, but there is no way I can get around the house before he does. Thank god my mom had already started running. He chased us about half-a-block before we made it to a neighbor's house and called the police. They got there and couldn't find him. I knew he was still there, and I told mom. Right before they left, my mom asked a policeman that she happened to know (it's a small town) to look one more time. The guy was hiding under our swamp cooler. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before or after."

  • (#6) A Tree Fell Where He Had Just Been Sitting

    From RaisedByMonsters:

    "Probably too late to this party but I wanted to share my story. When I was 11 I saved up my allowance and wanted to buy a toy. My dad took my sister and I to the local toy store and I bought an awesome light saber. Got in the back seat of the car and we drove home. I should mention this was during a mild nor'easter storm in 1996, and the wind and rain were just starting to pick up.

    We pulled into the driveway and my dad and sister got out of the car and went in the house. I was so excited about my new toy that I had to open it in the car. So I did, and while I was admiring the glory of my new Jedi weapon, I felt the Force speak to me. All of a sudden I felt the overwhelming urge to get out of the car and go into the house. Like 'I have to go inside now.' So I did.

    I walked in the door, took off my shoes, and turned around to see one of the huge maple trees in my front yard fall over in a wind gust onto the back seat of the car where I was sitting not 30 seconds after I had the urge to go inside. I went out to look and there was a branch piercing the seat where I was sitting."

  • (#7) She Saw Her Dog In Danger

    From bizcat:

    "I let my dogs out on the balcony to lay out in the sun. After about five minutes, I had this visual cross my mind, of one of my dogs having a bad reaction to a bee sting (they had never been stung before). I opened the door to let them back in and one of my dog's entire face was swollen up like a balloon. She had eaten a bee and had a bad allergic reaction.

    She's fine now, but that sucked."

  • (#8) Grandma Kept Him From Hitting Her

    From Fittanto:

    "My grandma did once: This is back in the '80s I think

    So my grandma was vacuuming, and she had this terrible feeling that my aunt was in danger (my aunt was about five at the time). She was in the front yard playing in the driveway. My grandpa's friend was pulling out, and my aunt was right behind the car. Just before it happened my grandma screamed, and he stopped the car. Inches away from my aunt."

  • (#9) The Sign Post Went Through The Window

    From d00zerdude:

    "I was in a car on the freeway, in the back seat, when I felt super nervous, ducked, and curled into fetal position. A couple seconds later we crashed, and a sign post came through my window a few inches above me."

  • (#10) Felt Something In The Bushes

    From NickiTikkiTavi:

    "I was walking home from a party when I was in college. It was 6 AM and actually a little bright, very pretty, very quiet. All I could hear were my footsteps. I was still in my dress and heels, and one house away from where I lived.

    A horrible feeling came over me, so I stopped, took off my shoes, and stayed perfectly still. About a minute later I was starting to doubt myself when a man stepped out of the hedges and looked straight at me. I turned around as casually as possible and went down an alley. As soon as I was out of his line of site I took off. I ran into my house, locked the door, and turned to look out the window.

    He came running around the corner with a knife about two seconds later."

  • (#11) Knew To Turn The Phone On

    From ForMoreBestPower:

    "About 9 PM on 4/21 of this year one of our closest friend's children got on his scooter to leave our place and head home. I sleep with my phone off.

    Around 11:30, I woke up and knew I needed to turn on my phone. Something bad was happening. When I powered it on, the text came through asking 'Is he still with you?'

    We got in our car to drive his route home.

    He'd been struck and killed less than a half-mile from our home."

  • (#12) Didn't Feel Comfortable In The Movie Theater

    From an anonymous Redditor:

    "A friend and I went to the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. I don't live near Aurora, CO, but the whole night during the movie, I didn't feel safe and I really wanted to leave because multiple people were dressed in costumes. I went over ways to escape the theater if anything happened. I went home later that night and heard what happened."

  • (#13) Unusual Nightmare Aftermath

    From Velocidapper:

    "When I was about 12-years-old I had a nightmare one night that I could see my identical twin sister standing outside on the porch waving her arms at me as if to dissuade me from coming outside. She looked dead, and was lit up by this eerie green light. It was so scary that I can still see it vividly in my mind today.

    When I woke up my heart was thudding in my chest. Normally when I had a nightmare (I often did as a kid), I would go wake up my step mom who would take me downstairs and make me some cocoa and we would sit at the kitchen table and talk about it until I felt better.

    That night, for some reason, I stayed put in my bed and couldn't bring myself to wake her up. The next morning we were awoken to shouting downstairs. A man who was drunk or stoned or something had broken into our back porch. The porch connected to the kitchen where I'd have been with my step mom. He'd stripped down naked inside the porch, messed with some of my dad's tools, and then at daybreak had gone outside when he heard our neighbor lady hauling her trash to the curb.

    She'd thought it was my father and called out to him, at which point he'd gone after her. Police were called and he was taken away. There were all kinds of hunting supplies/tools on that back porch, including a hatchet. I shudder to think what would have happened if we'd wandered downstairs in our nightgowns and he'd been just on the other side of a pane of glass. Thanks sis."

  • (#14) He Avoided Getting Crushed

    From CPCookieMan:

    "Not me, but my dad. He told me he was helping his friend jump-start a car along the side of the road. The front ends of both cars are facing each other, and he's in the middle hooking up the jump leads. He says he got this gut feeling that he shouldn't be where he was, and took a few steps back away from the cars. A semi proceeded to smash into the back of the car not 30 seconds later, crushing the two cars together in a huge wreck. Thank God for that gut feeling."

  • (#15) They Avoided Dying In A Ferry Wreck

    From eleanor85:

    "Not me, but my dad. My family and some of my parents' friends were supposed to go abroad to take part in a wedding. The day before we were supposed to go my dad woke up after a nightmare, in full panic. I remember thinking it was scary to see, a grown up being so afraid of a nightmare. But it resulted in us not going, and I was so mad because I had been looking forward to it for ages and told all my friends at school about it.

    But dad refused to go. It was September 28, 1994, the country we were supposed to visit was Estonia, and the ferry we were supposed to be on sank that night, where 852 people died. My dad later described the feeling as 'an alarm inside my body, shouting at me that this is wrong, it will not end well, don't do it. The alarm was so strong it could not be ignored. It's not like a normal worry before you make a long trip, not at all. The normal worry is like a car alarm going off on your street - you notice it but pay no attention to it and so it goes away. This was a more like an explosion.'"

  • (#16) Had A Bad Feeling About A Kid On A Bike

    From wonderlandferry:

    "I used to live down a long driveway with fence/bush either side at the top, which made it impossible to see pedestrians walking along the foot path until they were either walking in front of the driveway or I was already at the top and out of the driveway.

    Driving up one day I had this bad feeling a kid on a bike was going to come past and I'd end up hitting them, so I drove as slow as possible until I reached the top.

    Kid with bike comes across the driveway, I hit her. Because I was going so slow she fell off her bike but no one was harmed and both car and bike were fine. She was shocked and in tears because of the shock but physically unharmed."

  • (#17) Kept People From Getting Hit By A Car

    From ramse:

    "I've had the same feeling happen twice to the same type of issue.

    A couple years back I was sitting at an intersection. I saw the lights turning red for the other direction and I noticed a truck coming up from my left. It didn't feel right, I laid on the horn and held my hand out the window, hoping the people across the street and the guy next to me would wait. They did thankfully and he plowed on straight through a red light, which would've been right into the first two turning people that looked at me.

    Same thing happened today at another intersection, this time it was someone looking at their phone. She blew straight through the red. I had my hand on the horn and the other out the window, once again they looked at me and didn't move.

    Today, I sped up and tailed the car, called 911 and reported it. I would've had it on my dash cam if I had remembered to turn the thing on when leaving the store."

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