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  • (#1) Tenth Doctor Theme (2005-2010)

    The theme for the 10th Doctor is by far the most propulsive of the all the Doctor Who arrangements. You can chalk that up to Murray Gold's strings providing a counter-melody. 
  • (#13) Orbital Plays the Doctor Who Theme at Glastonbury (2010)

    How could we leave out Orbital's tribute to Doctor Who at the 2010 Glastonbury festival? It's cool enough that they made the world's most recognizable science fiction theme into a dance party, but the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, actually played synth with them. Geronimo indeed. 
  • (#12) Seventh Doctor Theme (1987-1989)

    The last two seasons of classic Doctor Who saw the theme getting another reboot. This time, the song was changed to A Minor and it was the first version to feature the "middle eight" (the part that sounds like medieval horses should be dancing) as part of the standard intro. 
  • (#7) Eleventh Doctor Specials Theme (2013)

    When it came time for Matt Smith's last hurrah as the Doctor, a new title sequence was created, and along with it, a new arrangement. This version has different drums than the previous arrangement, and omits counter melody Murray Gold added to his last version of the theme. It's also a bit more minimalist than Gold's other arrangements for Doctor Who.
  • (#2) First Doctor Theme (1963-1966)

    The first Doctor Who theme! How can you beat that? The song was composed by Ron Grainer on all analog equipment, making it a milestone of electronic music. Also, it sounds like a Joy Division song during the intro. 
  • (#5) Twelfth Doctor Theme (2014-Present)

    The 12th Doctor's theme is a particularly fun version. Not only does the synth scream at the beginning sound like a robot exploding in the sun, but the tremolo effect on the melody is exhilarating.

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About This Tool

Doctor Who is a sci-fi TV series produced by BBC. It is listed as the longest sci-fi TV series in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. Since its premiere in 1963, it has aired a total of 12 seasons. The interesting thing is there are also 12 actors in Doctor Who. Every new doctor will inject new vitality and elements into this role, so he will not be limited by age and always be popular with every generation of audiences. 

While changing the actor, its theme song has also been adapted and covered many times over the decades. The random tool shares 14 incredible Doctor Who theme songs.

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