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Random Divorce Lawyers Reveal Outrageous Reasons People Ended Their Marriages

  • (#1) He Repeatedly Tried To Exorcise Her

    From Redditor /u/queequeg789:

    Failed exorcisms. Client had an inner-ear condition that caused chronic vertigo, but symptoms could be treated with medication. Husband was an Evangelical who was convinced his wife 1) had become possessed and that her vertigo and general crankiness with his methods were evidence of demonic possession, 2) the medications she was taking [were] enabling the Devil to hide inside her, and 3) the only proper recourse was to try various methods of exorcism. He would hide her meds until she got dizzy and then try various methods of exorcism. [These] included:

    • Sweating it out (put under blankets while incapacitated and locked in a room full of space heater)
    • Freezing it out (pretty much the reverse with AC, fans, and bags of ice)
    • Surprising it out (he would jump out and scare her like it was the hiccups, but instead of yelling "Boo!", he would recite the Lord’s Prayer or Psalms)

    The final straw was that he tried to "surprise it out of her" by pushing her down the stairs when they were heading out for dinner.

    Note: this guy was some type of executive, and they still went out to dinner after the stairs incident. She asked for the divorce at an Applebee’s that night. I have often tried to picture that conversation, as she was adamant that he was a total sweetheart and never acted out of malice or anger.

  • (#7) She Didn't Like Her Birthday Gift

    From Redditor /u/salamanderlemons:

    I was a legal assistant when this case came in, but this lady divorced her husband of two months because he got her an iPad case for her birthday instead of the expensive jewelry she wanted.

  • (#6) They Lost Interest Very Quickly

    From Redditor /u/MaddenMan73:

    "I didn't like her anymore" - two days after being married.

  • (#10) She Used A Nightlight

    From Redditor /u/yeerk_slayer:

    [He] divorced his wife of two months because she would sleep with a nightlight, but he could only sleep in total darkness. They apparently never lived together until after getting married. He hated her nightlight so much that he would often sleep on the couch instead, but sometimes he would claim the bed for himself and lock her out of the bedroom for the night.

  • (#5) Their NASCAR Loyalties Differed

    From Redditor /u/KennyPowers55420:

    [They] divorced Becuase she legit hated Dale Earnhardt and he legit hated Jeff Gordon.

  • (#9) He Wasn't The Ideal '70s Man

    From Redditor /u/Bodhi_ZA:

    [One client] wanted to divorce her husband for two reasons:

    • He did not have enough hair on his chest.
    • He did not drive fast enough.

    Keep in mind, this was in the '70s when chest hair was a bit more important.

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It is clear that the divorce rate increase with the development of society and economy in recent years, some people in real life have developed irreconcilable marriage conflicts to another level. Sometimes, a marriage fail may not be due to the wrong spouse, but from the beginning, they didn't understand that they need to have another way of life after marriage.

If people do not have a correct understanding and attitude towards marriage, failure is almost doomed. The random tool explained 14 bizarre, messy, and outrageous reasons for the end of marriages that some divorce layers know.

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