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  • Bruce Banner on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#13) Bruce Banner

    • Hulk Vs, Ultimate Avengers, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultimate Avengers 2, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk

    Who He Is: Robert Bruce Banner, MD, PhD, is a brilliant scientist who accidentally turned himself into a giant, green rage monster. Through the course of his time in the MCU, he's gone from being an unstoppable destructive force to a combination of his two personalities. By Avengers: Endgame , he's the so-called "Professor Hulk."

    Why Is He So Dirty? To be clear, the Hulk is not a dirty person. He may get dirty while fighting, but as we learned in Thor: Ragnarok , the Hulk does enjoy a bath every now and again. Banner, on the other hand, isn't the cleanest guy in the world. He's often sporting an unshaven look, and he doesn't spend too much time taking care of himself. You can't really blame him, seeing as he has to deal with a Hulk-out whenever he gets mad, but it'd be nice if he combed his hair once in a while.

    His Dirtiest Moment: Banner was pretty dirty throughout most of Thor: Ragnarok, and he got pretty banged up and nasty in the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War when he fell into the Sanctum Sanctorum of Dr. Strange.

  • Ronan the Accuser on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#12) Ronan the Accuser

    • Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Universe

    Who He Is: Ronan the Accuser was a Kree zealot who sought to clean the galaxy of the filth of Xandar (his words). He disavowed his own government following the Kree/Xandar peace treaty and sought the aid of Thanos in his pursuit of Xandar's destruction. After he acquired the Power Stone, he abandoned Thanos, attempting to wipe out Xandar himself, but was overpowered and defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

    Why Is He So Dirty? He bathes in a strange liquid and paints strange dark markings on his face. It looks cool, but it also looks pretty dirty.

    His Dirtiest Moment: His introduction in Guardians of the Galaxy, where his so-called bathing ritual is shown.

  • Rocket Raccoon on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#8) Rocket Raccoon

    • Marvel Universe

    Who He Is: Rocket is an alien species designated experiment 89P13, who was genetically modified to become an intelligent, talking, bipedal thief and bounty hunter. He ended up in prison alongside some other like-minded individuals who eventually join forces to become the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket is a genius who is capable of building any gadget in no time out of whatever happens to be lying around.

    Why Is He So Dirty? He is a raccoon after all. But he's constantly getting himself in dirty situations through fights, though he does try to keep himself clean whenever possible.

    His Dirtiest Moment: In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Rocket runs through the forest, taking out the Ravagers, and he got himself scuffed up and dirty doing it.

  • Star-Lord on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#9) Star-Lord

    • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Who He Is: Peter Jason Quill was a human/alien hybrid living on Earth up to the point his mother passed. From that point, he became a Ravager who didn't mind going around the galaxy, taking whatever he could get his hands on. He named himself Star-Lord and attempted to get everyone he met to call him that. After he finds the Power Stone, he and a ragtag group of fellow lawbreakers team up to become the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Why Is He So Dirty? Peter is the kind of guy who is never clean-shaven, sleeps with a lot of random women, and keeps his ship about as nasty a place to live as you can find in the Milky Way.

    His Dirtiest Moment: When he mentioned how nobody should shine a blacklight in his ship, he let everyone know he wasn't the cleanest guy in the galaxy. Here's the line in question that perfectly emphasizes how nasty Quill is about his living environment: "Filthy? She has no idea. If we had a blacklight, it would look like a Jackson Pollock painting."

  • Taserface on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#1) Taserface

    Who He Is: Taserface was a Ravager who mutinied against his captain alongside a large portion of the crew. He took command of the situation and executed any of the crewmembers still loyal to Yondu. Ultimately, Yondu managed to get a hold of his arrow, and with it, he slew the crew and blew up the ship, leaving Taserface to perish as it blew.

    Why Is He So Dirty? Ravagers aren't necessarily the cleanest people in the galaxy, but Taserface seemed to take it a step or two further. He's never shown to be clean, and his nasty disposition doesn't help him look any better.

    His Dirtiest Moment: Right up to the end, he got dirtier and dirtier. Of course, the fire probably cleansed him of germs as it incinerated his body, so he cleaned himself up in the end.

  • Miek on Random Dirtiest Characters In The MCU

    (#7) Miek

    • Planet Hulk

    Who He Is: Miek is a Sakaaran warrior who was forced to fight in the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions. He fights from within a robotic exoskeleton equipped with large blades where his hands would be. He was a close friend of Korg, which made him an ally of Thor, but by the end of Thor: Ragnarok, he had lost his exoskeleton suit, and was a large purple mass of bug.

    Why Is He So Dirty? Despite being an intelligent insect, Miek is still an insect, and he doesn't have any interest in keeping himself clean. 

    His Dirtiest Moment: Pretty much anytime you see Miek on screen, he's a dirty little bug.

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