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  • Mary King's Close on Random Creepy Destinations Have Supernatural

    (#1) Mary King's Close

    • Tourist attraction

    Mary King's Close was a site of extreme death and suffering during the plague. As a result, the city of Edinburgh closed off the homes and alleyways leading to Mary King's Close. Since then, many have reported seeing ghosts and feeling a paranormal presence when at the site. Visitors to Edinburgh can get a tour of this location by authentically dressed guides who can explain the suffering that occurred at the location and the many haunted stories that have since lingered.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary on Random Creepy Destinations Have Supernatural

    (#2) Eastern State Penitentiary

    • Place

    Pennsylvania has a long and significant history in the United States - maybe that's why so many haunted sites exist in the Commonwealth. Each Halloween, Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary is open for a "haunted house" visit called "Behind The Wall." However, the fun that surrounds the event doesn't cleanse the brutal history of Eastern State Penitentiary. During the 1800s through the early 1920s, the prison was the prototype for security and punishment. Inmates received punishments with the "Mad Chair" and "Iron Gag." Many visitors have recounted stories of paranormal experiences, and those who study the location have relayed stories of hearing screams and other similar sounds of suffering.

  • Catacombs of Paris on Random Creepy Destinations Have Supernatural

    (#9) Catacombs of Paris

    • Cemetery

    Beneath the streets of Paris exists what has been called an empire of death. In the 17th century, as the cemeteries of Paris were filled, mass graves were created. Only, instead of a traditional mass grave, 13th-century tunnels below Paris were utilized for a more macabre purpose. Six million Parisian bones are found in the skull-lined catacombs, which tourists visit regularly for a few good chills.

  • Old Fort Niagara, NY on Random Creepy Destinations Have Supernatural

    (#5) Old Fort Niagara, NY

    The site of many violent battles, Old Fort Niagara, is allegedly haunted by those killed at the fort. Visitors can go to the site and sit around a bonfire to hear stories of the fort's haunted history. Graveyard tours are also available. Additionally, each year volunteers reenact the violent battles at Old Fort Niagara to provide context for tourists who seek to understand the fort's dark past. The fort's Executive Director has said of the location, "even if you are not afraid of the dark, you will be here."

  • Ecclesgrieg House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on Random Creepy Destinations Have Supernatural

    (#8) Ecclesgrieg House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Ecclesgreig House and its surrounding area, St. Cyrus, is filled with tormented stories that are still harrowing to this day. One such tale was of King James I of Scotland, who became displeased with the constant complaints about the then sheriff, James Melville of Glenbervie, and so he permitted his people to make soup of the man. Another is about a blind piper who entered a cave with his dog and became lost. While spirits helped guide him out of the cave, his pipes can still be heard inside long after he's passed on. 

  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on Random Creepy Destinations Have Supernatural

    (#10) Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

    • Place

    Filled with ghost sightings, voices, unexplainable sounds, and other paranormal activity, this asylum was the place of hundreds of involuntary commitments and death. Daytime and flashlight tours exist at the paranormal location; guides will show visitors the main areas, as well as the treatment areas of the building. After hearing the history of the location, and some of the haunted history of the asylum, many visitors are positive the site is filled with spirits.

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Over the centuries, there have been countless stories and legends about supernatural phenomena, such as witches, vampires, and werewolves, etc. Most impressions of supernatural things are evil, ugly, cruel, and even various horrible stories are spread around the world, in the European Middle Ages, there were large-scale persecutions of witches. Some travel destinations are famous for their supernatural.

There are some unexplainable phenomena in the world, some people believe that they are supernatural power, while others believe that they are fake. The generator shows a list of random 10 creepy destinations where people can experience supernatural, do you dare to visit them?

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